You can tell if your lockers have locks or not just by looking at them

If you have recently downsized, or if you are staying with family members you will likely not be able fit everything click site. A storage unit can be the solution. The unit can be used to store all your items until you have room in your home again. These storage units are often priced at less than $50 per month. It is essential to ensure that your belongings are secure when searching for storage. It is important that you inspect the lockers at each facility before renting. The security level varies. Here are some ways to check if the locker you’re renting is secure.

On-site guards

If the company you are considering renting storage space from has security staff on site 24/7, that is a positive sign. The guards are paid to keep an eye on intruders and prevent them from entering. If guards are on site all day and night, criminals and thieves will be less likely to enter a building.


Install video cameras in secure storage throughout the entire facility. The cameras should be able to record 24 hours per day. Owners of storage facilities can review the video footage from the previous night to see if someone has entered a lock.

Coding Gate

It is important to have a facility with a coded entry. It is not necessary to have a gate with a code. Anyone can enter and cause problems. Only employees or customers can enter a building if the gate has a code.


A well-lit building will have both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. A well-lit area will have fewer intruders because they are afraid of being caught. Check that your lights can detect movement.


Alarms are installed in every locker of a good storage facility. The alarms allow managers to track the opening of lockers. If someone attempts to open the locker, an alarm will sound. The system can also be used to identify the locker that has been opened. Review the safety measures in the facility now before deciding whether you will use it. You will avoid frustration in the future. Renting a safe-locker can reduce the likelihood of your belongings being stolen. The staff can answer any questions you may have about their security procedures.

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