You can install your flagpole to get maximum success

The telescoping version of a flagpole can carry your favorite banner. Raising and lowering the banner is easy, so it’s great if you have to change the décor for different seasons or special events  – find out more!

To prevent damaging weather, it is also important that you install your telescopic fagpole at the best time. As an example, placing them in the early part of spring or summer could cause rainstorms to gather, resulting in corrosion, and other issues when you need it most (in the fall).

Installing in the winter

It is possible to use a Telescopic Flagpole even in the coldest months of winter. The earth will be easier to dig when frozen rather than damp. It is also possible to reduce damage on your new pole from accumulations of ice, snow, or both if like me you live somewhere that has harsh winters.

Installing in spring

In the spring, it is best to install an telescopic banner pole. In the spring, there isn’t any snow or ice covering the ground. Enjoy the beauty of spring when you install your telescopic banner pole near flowers or a garden.

Flags and banners are best placed in spring because you will have ample time before people use them during the summer.

Installing the system in the Summer

Installing telescoping flagpoles is more common in summer. Dry and warm weather will make working with your contractor easier.

Installing in autumn

Installation of telescopic flagpoles is best performed in autumn. If it’s warm, less people will see you in your backyard. You may also be able to benefit from milder nights, as they prevent winds and rains from damaging the flags.

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