World-wide Mushrooms that can help with Cancer

The mushroom is the current buzzword for cancer alternative treatments and complementary therapies. The idea seems strange. Mushrooms may be slimy or poisonous. They can also look like fungi. Scientists are now turning their attention to medicinal mushrooms, which can help fight diseases like cancer, tumours, chronic exhaustion syndrome and autoimmune disorders. There are more and more studies that show medicinal mushrooms help to strengthen immunity, reduce tumors, and fight cancer. The article below gives a quick overview of some mushrooms around the globe that have shown efficacy against cancer. Visit soulcybin before reading this.

The research into medicinal mushrooms is showing what Eastern Medicines have known for hundreds of years. For thousands of year, Chinese and Japanese have used mushrooms extensively. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use Reishi mushrooms, Shiitakes, Maitakes, and Lion’s Manes to keep body systems strong and healthy. Mushrooms encourage the “chi” to flow throughout the entire body. This increases energy, removes toxins and creates a sense of wellbeing. The fight against Cancer is being taken seriously by science. Wild mushrooms have been the focus of many studies on their anti-cancer effect. Derivates of wild mushrooms have been used around the globe to treat cancer.

Reishi (also known as Ganoderma lumidum) is one of the best-known medicinal mushrooms. It is called “The Mushroom Of Immortality”, and it has been prescribed in Eastern Medicine since at least 3000 BC. Reishi mushroom was listed by the Japanese government as an adjuvant herb in cancer treatments. Reishi mushroom is used to treat cancer in research centers all over the world. Reishi, perhaps the most popular and widely-used medicinal mushroom in the entire world is Reishi. Reishi is sold in its whole form, a shelf-like mushroom. It’s also available in powdered, tinctured, and pill forms.

Chaga (also known as Inonotus Obliquus) is used in many countries to treat cancer. In Poland and Western Siberia, this mushroom is used to treat cancer for hundreds of years. Russian folklore also mentions a fungus growing on Birch Trees that can be effective. The “tea”, or infusion, of the Chaga mushroom is given to patients with cancer. Chaga was used by the U.S. National Cancer Institute to treat cancer. Chaga mushroom is one of the best medicinal mushrooms to treat cancer.

Tramates vericolor (also known as Turkey Tail) is one of the mushrooms that are most commonly used to treat cancer. This mushroom grows in abundance throughout North America. It is also used for cancer treatment around the globe. PSK (also known as Polysaccharide Kureha) is a mushroom derivative. PSK is shown in studies to enhance the anti-tumor effects of radiation and chemotherapy. PSK users have a higher survival rate. According to one study, the risk of dying from cancer within five years with PSK was 21 % and 52 % without.

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