What Repairs Are Required for a Tile Roof?

Most people are under the impression that tile roofs do not require repair. Strangely enough, some Chilliwack roofers advertise such things. If you buy a Tile Roof, then all your roofing issues are gone for ever! However, this isn’t the truth. However, it is not always the best option – click here!

Facts about Tile Roofs.

In order to achieve a leak-free roof for the long run, it is essential that you install tiles. Most of the time, tile roofs will shed water. On occasion, water may seep under the tiling. ‘Felt is an asphalt-based material. Over time “felt” will degrade. As the material ages, it becomes brittle. With age, it will eventually crack. This is where the leaky water from tile roofs finds its way.

If the pipe that penetrates the roof is damaged, or if the area adjacent to the skylight is damaged, then leaks may occur.

And, yes tiles break at times!

Answering the question of “should tile roofs be repaired?” It’s a resounding YES.

Possible Repair Situations

When it rains, fix your roof if you have a leak

Your contractor can place a large tarp on your roof in case it rains heavily and your tile roof leaks. For a time, this solution is effective. When the rain stops you can do a thorough inspection. Installation of an emergency tarpaulin will only be possible if your roof has no algae or moss.

Installing Vents

Generally speaking, newer roofs are not affected by such issues. You might notice a sudden leakage. You should wait for the rain to stop before attempting this. Water may come from an air vent caused by wind-driven rainfall. You can use a tarp to cover the vent during these occasions. A general maintenance checkup can be arranged by your contractor. It is important to have the contractor clean and inspect your pipes. It is also possible to replace broken tiles by repositioning the existing ones.

Damaged Felt

The underlying layer of felt can be damaged, especially if your roof system is older than 10-15 years. The experts in such cases check all the surfaces below the roof from the bottom upwards to find the path of the water. In order to correct the issue, it is best to start at the source.

Cracked or Slipped Tiles

When you find tiles which are cracked or falling off, ask the contractor to patch them up. When you do want to avoid having to redo a whole section, you can choose to patch it up. The contractor replaces the tiles you have with brand new ones.

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