Underdog Green, Misunderstood, Revolutionizes Sustainability and Fitness

Hemp, like a cousin, is always misunderstood additional info. It’s like that cousin at the family reunion who has an amazing business idea but everyone whispers, while secretly thinking it brilliant. The plant has so many uses that it could solve a lot of our problems, if only it was given the chance.

Please be clear that marijuana and hemp are not the same thing. You will never be high if you consume hemp. Comparing a nonalcoholic IPA to a strong IPA is like comparing a nonalcoholic lager with a stout beer. They both look similar but have different effects.

Why should we be interested in this plant? The hemp fibers that are used in clothing is much stronger than an old steak from your grandmother. This is where we talk about clothing and building supplies (hello hempcrete!) We also talk about car parts and building materials. Yes, cars! Imagine driving an automobile that’s partially made from plants. The term “going Green”, now takes on an entirely new meaning.

What’s that? The little hemp seed is a nutritional powerhouse full of Omega-3s. These tiny hempseeds are great for anyone interested in health foods or who wants to eat a healthier diet. Plus, these hemp seeds can make any green dish look gourmet.

CBD oil is the gold child of the wellness industry. CBD oil extracted from hemp flowers leaves and seeds has been praised as a way to relieve anxiety and sore joints, without making one feel euphoric. It’s a lot like that friend you always have who calms down when things get tough.

Growing hemp requires minimal maintenance. This plant doesn’t require excessive watering or pesticides. The hemp plant is almost self sufficient every day. Hemp almost serves us by protecting us from erosive soil and improving our soil.

The plot twist is that trying to navigate through the legal maze surrounding hemp can be as difficult as solving the Rubik’s Cube when you have your eyes closed. The laws change as quickly as fashion trends. It’s difficult to keep up. In certain countries, it could be legal. The laws in some countries are complex.

Hemp’s association to marijuana is a big problem, despite the many benefits. Convincing people to accept hemp as a sustainable alternative to psychedelics is proving difficult.

What did we learn from our deep dive into cannabis hemp world? This underappreciated plant is well worth a closer look. We all should get on this hemp bandwagon.

Don’t base your evaluation of a plant on its ancestry. Hemp might surprise you, as it is an eco-friendly multitasker capable of solving problems on a global scale one fiber at a moment. Give hemp its due and watch how much greener you can make your gardens.

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