Trading the Right Forex Hours for Forex Trading is Important

Forex traders are aware that the Forex Market is open 5 days a weeks, 24 hours. The impression is created that any trader can profit at any moment of the trading session. This is not true. Forex traders may experience different levels of profitability or volatility based on the Forex market hours. This is why traders should choose to trade at the hours that are most lucrative to increase their odds of succeeding in foreign exchange trading. Learn more?

Why traders tend to prefer active Forex times?

They know how important it is to select the best time of the day for trading. You can increase your chances of profit by trading Forex at the peak times. It is not wise to trade in the slower markets. You can’t find any trend in the market if trading occurs at a slow time. Therefore, Forex traders should fully appreciate the important role that hours play on the market.

What is important for Forex traders to know?

Forex traders should know about the Forex hours in order to pick the most lucrative times to trade. The major Forex trading hours are listed below.

Tokyo’s opening hours are 7:00 pm to 4:00 AM EST

New York’s opening hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

London opens from 3:30 am to noon Eastern Standard Time

Sydney’s opening hours are 5:00 pm – 2:00 am (EST)

What is important for Forex traders to understand about Forex hours?

A large number of Forex traders are in agreement on certain rules. For traders to know the rules and trade during Forex trading hours that are most beneficial, they must be familiar with them.

Forex trading begins in New Zealand. It is then followed by Australia and Asia. Next comes Europe, America and the Middle East. In the main financial markets, such as Tokyo, New York, London and Sydney, volume is high. Forex tends to have the most volatility during financial overlaps. This is when traders pay more attention to market movement.

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