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How can online traders, investors and forex traders earn money every day on the foreign exchange market?

This simple two-part guide outlines the most important tips to help you avoid forex mistakes and increase your profits.

Trading Quotex Corretora is better than trading currencies. In any relationship you must understand the other side. In forex trading, success and failure depend on your ability to accurately predict the effects of two currencies.

The Power of Knowledge – To make the most out of trading Forex online, you should first understand some of its basic principles.

Events and news from around the world are the primary forex influences. Say for instance, an ECB release on European rates will normally cause a flurry. Most novices react angrily and immediately close all their open positions. In the end, they miss out on the most profitable trading opportunities. The forex market’s potential lies in its volatility, not calmness.

Low-ambition trading – A lot of new traders put in very tight orders just to get small profits. If you do this, it’s not a good strategy. You may make some money on the shorter term (if your lucky), but in the end you might lose.

Be careful not to over-trade – If you place a tight stop loss on a retail foreign broker, then your trading is likely doomed. It is essential that your position has a chance to succeed. By not placing reasonable stop loss levels that will allow your trade to achieve this, you risk undervaluing yourself every time you trade and losing part of your investment.

Independence _ _ _ _ – If Forex is something you are unfamiliar with, it’s likely that you decide whether to use a forex broker or trade the currency yourself. So far, so good. The risk that you will lose money increases exponentially, if:

If you want to interfere, try not to let your broker do anything on your behalf. (His strategy could require some gestation time).

Take advice from a variety of sources. Getting multiple opinions will just lead to multiple failures. Choose a side, stick with it, and analyze the results yourself.

Minimal margins Margin-trading is an advantage in forex because it lets you trade much more than your entire deposit. However, this can also prove dangerous for beginners as it could appeal to greed that is responsible for many Forex traders’ failures. To increase leverage, you should consider your previous experience and trading results.

A trading strategy does not make you money. The strategy you use to earn money is your roadmap. Your strategy will detail the direction you want to go in, what currencies you plan to deal with and how risk is managed. It is possible that you will become one of those 90% of new investors who lose all their money.

Trading in Off-Peak hours – In off-peak trading (between 2200 CET-1000 CET), professional FX and options traders as well as hedge funds have an advantage. This is because they are more able to manage their positions, hedge them, and even move them when a smaller volume of trades is being conducted (so their risk will be lower). Do not trade at off-peak time.

It’s only up/down when the market moves up. When the stock market is falling, the price is dropping. That’s it. The past is analysed by many different systems, but there’s no way to predict the future. It’s amazing how difficult it is to point the finger at anyone when you recognize that at any moment, all you can do is watch as the market moves.

Trade during news. The biggest moves in the market occur at news times. It is the perfect time to make a trade because trading volume is high. Also, news releases are accompanied by significant market moves. As the market moves, big players alter their trading positions. This results in significant changes to currency prices.

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