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The re-roofing of your business or home can increase its value and beauty. It’s important to take into consideration a few key elements in order to make sure the Sydney roof re-roofing process is efficient and achieves your desired results. Action Roofing can help you with every phase of the project because we know the importance and value of careful preparation. Take into consideration the following factors before you replace your roof – learn more.


Selecting the correct materials will determine whether your re-roofing job is successful. Your choice of materials will be influenced by a number of factors such as your budget, your architecture and surrounding areas. Action Roofing’s selection of high-quality fabrics includes options for metal, tile, shingles, flat and green roofs. You’ll be able to choose the perfect material for you based on what suits your preferences and needs.


Before you start, it is essential to consider the total cost. Action Roofing works with you to develop a reroofing strategy that’s affordable and offers competitive prices.


In some cases, it may be necessary to get permissions from your local authorities before you can reroof. We will guide you through the process of obtaining permits, as our professionals are well versed in local laws. Your roof will be replaced in accordance with the law and specification.


The timing of a re-roofing project is crucial. Re-roofing takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending upon the scope of your project. It’s important that you plan the re-roofing schedule around any events or activities your project may affect.

The Contractor

Selecting the right contractor is essential to a successful roof replacement project. Action Roofing is committed to giving customers a reliable, high-quality roofing service. Action Roofing’s commitment to delivering excellent results and years of expertise in the industry allows us to deliver outstanding outcomes. Our team will work closely with you in order to design a unique strategy for re-roofing your home and complete the job on time, within your budget and according to your schedule.

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