The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Water Problems

Water where it shouldn’t belong is not acceptable get more info. Not really. It’s true that water damage restoration can be a lifesaver after a disaster, but wouldn’t you rather avoid the problem altogether? Join us as we offer some pearls of knowledge on how to be practically unstoppable when faced with water problems.

1. Gutters: Your first line of defense
It may sound simple, but keeping your gutters clean is like having a reliable shield against water damage. Make sure they are free of debris and that water is directed away from the foundation. It’s much easier to prevent flooding than fighting the tide in the future.

2. You Should Know About Your Water Main
Know where the main water shutoff is in your house. Being able to shut off water quickly can make the difference between an inconvenience and a major disaster if a pipe malfunctions.

3. Inspect, Inspect, Inspect! :
Check hoses, faucets, and other fixtures regularly for wear and damage. If you ignore those small leaks, they can quickly turn into a torrential problem. Don’t forget about the roof either! Even a small crack can bring a monsoon indoors.

4. Plants that are Thoughtful:
Do you love greenery in your home? Ensure your garden doesn’t become a water nemesis. Avoid plants with invasive root systems, which can cause damage to your pipes and unwanted water divertions.

5. Elevate & Store
Consider elevating appliances, utilities and other items above the water level if you live in an area prone to flooding. Do you store important documents and valuables in containers that are water-tight? Preparedness is the key!

6. Sump pumps can save lives:
Invest in an effective sump pump, and make sure it works! You can avoid subaqueous basements by performing regular checks. Consider a battery-operated backup pump for extra peace of mind. You never know when the skies will conspire.

7. Seal & Secure
Seal your walls, windows and doors. The life jacket of your home can keep the water out.
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