The Story of Moldavite – Why is this crystal so rare

Moldavite is a stone that can be found in outer space. But what’s the secret to its popularity, recommended reading?

Its story begins more than 14 million years ago in Czech Republic, where it was formed from the ashes of a huge meteoric collision. Although the stone is not actually from outer space, the acceleration and speed of the cosmic event and its impact upon earth are what created crystallisation that gave rise to this powerful and precious stone. Moldavite pieces are rarer than diamonds and become more scarce. They will bring about powerful, positive changes in your life. You must be prepared for the transformation. It is a high frequency stone and will remove anything that is not aligned with your path.

Moldavite, the ultimate stone for feminine empowerment, is a powerful tool that can help you make life-changing decisions and have new-earth experiences. In the realm of heaven, nothing is impossible. If you feel the calling, be sure to check out our beautiful, ethically-mined Moldavite collection, which is available online and in stores. Each piece of Moldavite comes with an authenticity certificate to ensure that you get the genuine deal. Be quick, as Moldavite is becoming increasingly rare. Your intuition will guide you to the perfect piece.

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