The Eyelids Can Be Reshaped By A Procedure Called Blepharoplasty

Our eyelids become “puffy”, as we age. Surgeries remove excess fat and skin from eyelids. The procedure is also used for drooping eyelids, either upper or lower. Younger patients may remove excess lower eyelid fat with a hidden incision. While blepharoplasty offers many cosmetic benefits, dark rings and crows’ feet cannot be removed. Sometimes, a brow lift is combined to improve the rejuvenation. Blepharoplasty and a Facelift are often combined, recommended reading.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will spend between 45 and 1 hour gathering medical records. They’ll also discuss your concerns before observing you, making observations, and recommending solutions. The surgeon will also assess the position of your brows and your forehead contour. The surgeon might recommend a forehead lift in order to enhance the upper eyelids. This procedure is performed by the doctor using limited incisions with endoscopes.

The Surgery

When considering eyelid surgeries, you should only choose medical facilities that are fully accredited. Typically, an intravenous solution with topical or local anesthesia is administered for this procedure. It can also be used in combination with other surgical procedures like a browlift or facelift. Board-certified anesthesiologists will administer the general anesthesia.

During treatment, the redundant skin is removed as well as any fat that lies beneath. The lower eyelids are also removed by making an internal or external incision for the removal of fat.

To relieve the pain, postoperative anesthesia is often used. Oral analgesia and a gel cold mask can also be applied. In the first five to seven post-operative days, the sutures are removed. There can be swelling and bruises after surgery. It usually disappears within 10-14days. You can wear make-up after one week. For the month following, refrain from any vigorous activities. For at least one month, you should avoid driving if your pain is severe.

The Recovery

The procedure is usually completed the day following the surgery. They should have an adult with them for the first evening. Patients who undergo this procedure in conjunction with either a brow lift or facelift will usually stay between one and two nights. Exercise is recommended the day before the surgery. However, it should be continued for at least two weeks. Many patients will see significant improvements in 5 to 7 days, even though most swelling and bruises disappear within 2 to 3 week. After two weeks, most people will feel more refreshed and appear better.

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