Moving To The Cloud From On-Premises IT

There are a lot of IT solutions, tools, and services in an ever-changing and fast-growing Information Technology industry How can we keep pace and focus on providing the best possible solution for our customers? FAO IT delivery has been handled in a traditional way for many years. IT infrastructure is centralized through a corporate Data Center. The software is created on an as-needed basis to address the constantly changing needs of the organization. It’s becoming more challenging to keep up with such a rapid-paced demand.

One avenue is cloud-based solutions. The cloud presents many challenges so it is crucial to consider all factors before making the move. Here are some key considerations for the IT division. Cloud-based technology, which is becoming increasingly the dominant model in IT, is not new. Unfortunately, most companies are not well-versed in cloud-based solutions.

FAO’s IT infrastructure is traditional. There are centralized data centers in all major offices. IT solutions have been delivered using development projects, which are based on user requirements. With occasional assistance from software developers, most IT delivery in the organization is managed internally. The majority of corporate systems have a history of constant customizations due to policy updates that require continuous updates.

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