Moldavite, the Element of Transformation

Moldavite website may sound familiar to those who are into crystals and gems. The mystical and alien origins of this gemstone have helped it to become more widely known. What is the moldavite and what makes it unique before buying?

Moldavite belongs to the tektite family, which is created naturally by meteorite impacts. It was once believed that a meteorite struck in Bohemian, Czech Republic about 15,000,000 years ago. The mineral moldavite has been reclassified as glass instead of a type of mineral.

Moldavite contains mainly silicon, but also traces of other elements such as aluminum, iron and magnesium. This gemstone is highly valued due to its unique composition and origin.

The transformational characteristics of Moldavite set it apart. Moldavite has been said to help with personal and spiritual growth. Energy healing and meditation are often used to release old thoughts and beliefs and to open up new possibilities.

Moldavite, it is believed, has healing properties for both the physical body and spiritual aspects. According to some, the stone can boost your immune system, treat illnesses such as headaches, improve digestion and even help with physical ailments.

What is so crucial about the moldavite? Moldavite can be thought of as a glass form, and is not an actual element. Moldavite is known for its healing and transformational qualities. However, due to the unusual composition and its origins from extraterrestrial life, it’s incredibly rare.

Moldavite, a truly unique gem whether for its aesthetic or spiritual properties is an incredibly rare gemstone. Moldavite is an excellent addition to any collection of crystals or healing practices because it’s rare, has a distinctive composition and has transformative properties. Consider adding moldavite to your collection, if you want a gem that helps with spiritual development.

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