Managed Services: Make your Business Run Smoother

If you want to keep your business running smoothly, then it is essential that you do all the things possible. You have to make sure you hire the best people, provide the proper training and use managed IT service, more help?

Good companies offer a range of products and services which can benefit employees, clients and businesses. It’s also worth noting that this same IT provider can perform many of the tasks your department handles, except better. You will be able to reduce costs by outsourcing.

Have a good look at your way of answering the phones. Is there a person answering the phone? What happens if too many people are calling or the person goes to the restroom when it’s busy? How is the telephone handled when this happens? The hosted systems allow you to send calls through menus and answer them. You can auto-route the call.

VoIP also allows for the sending of calls to an employee’s computer. More and more people are using “voice over Ip” solutions. The employee can still take the call as long they use a headset. It has many advantages, such as being able track the number of phone calls you make and for how long. Also having voicemail is a plus.

An employee can now receive phone calls without having to sit at their desk. It is possible to receive calls wherever there’s an internet connection. This feature is useful for anyone who needs to travel frequently, work occasionally from home, or be reachable while on vacation.

You will find that your business runs more smoothly if your employees have better access to customers.

There are many other services that can be managed. You may want to consider:

Website development

Hosted email services

Cloud services

Server management

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