Learn everything you need to know About car detailing

Auto detailing refers to the makeover process for your vehicle. The car our site detailing process is a combination of many things including interior and exterior cleaning, paint restoration, engine refurbishment, wheel care, and vehicle’s exterior detail. It is in almost the same state as a brand new car.

When you are planning to sell an old car, this is the process that will be performed. This is because no one would want to purchase a shabby-looking vehicle. Detailing your car before putting it up for sale is recommended by experts. Not only will this give you a better look to attract potential buyers, but the cost of resale also goes up.

The professionals at these centers will perform the tasks necessary to give your car the shine and beauty of a new vehicle. To know exactly what services you will pay for, it is important that you research these places before going. The article below will help you understand the process, and what to do when you arrive at any detaining facility.

Exterior Detailing

It is important to focus on the exteriors in order to achieve a bright, glossy appearance. For the perfect finish, a variety of techniques is used including polishing, washing and waxing. Drying the surface with the standard towel is not enough. Special towels must be used. On the surface, waxes/polishes certified by the manufacturer are applied to restore original shine. The windows, rear bumpers, front bumpers, and headlamps receive special treatment in order to achieve the same look as a brand-new car. The process includes the removal of all scratches and stains.

Interior Detailing

During the final stage of cleaning, all cabin components are cleaned including carpets and mats. Cleaning stains off the seats is done with special brushes and cleaning tools. Dry cleaning is more preferable than liquid cleaning.

Paint Protection

Paint is very sensitive, and it can easily change color depending on the conditions. It is most likely that pollution or other gases are to blame for dulling the color. It is possible that the colour on the outside fades with time. This can be due to several factors, such as irregular washing patterns, using cloths not recommended by the manufacturer or applying fake wax and polish. In order to overcome these conditions and restore the shine of the vehicle, three simple steps are required: cleaning, polishing and washing.

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