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Shadow Lair Games LTD is a new and upcoming independent ("Indie") video game development studio. The Team develops both stunning console and mobile games and a one of a kind game development automation tool for the Unity3d game engine called Shadow Lair TDD. Our vision is to create fun and appealing games for our customers as well as a strong and effective testing tool for game developers to use.

Shadow Lair Games was founded in January 2019 by a team of passionate and experienced game developers. We plan to launch a console based premium game every year in the following 2 years as well as expanding our products to the mobile market in the near future. All game development will be made hand in hand with Shadow Lair TDD development (while also using it to test our games) making Shadow Lair TDD a strong and viable product for testing games for our future game development customers. We have a solid and achievable 5 year plan to expand our business and make Shadow Lair Games a leading Indie game development studio.


Thank you for your interest in Shadow Lair Games. For business or investor inquiries, please contact: or fill in the form below.


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