How to Remove tough stains from Upholstery

Oh, living rooms: places of socializing, relaxation and… spills. Your upholstery can attract stains in all sizes and shapes. Fear not! Upholstery cleaning Northern Beach has the solution to those unsightly blemishes, whether it is a wine stain from last night’s dinner party or a toddler’s attempt at art with a permanent marker. Click here?

Let’s start with the red wine disaster. If you don’t have white wine, try this plan B. Just blot the stain, not rub it. The stain should be blotted (don’t rub!) with a dry, clean cloth. This will absorb the liquid. Then, gently dab a mixture of a teaspoon of dish detergent and two cups of cold water onto the stain. Use a fresh cloth that has been soaked in ice water to wash the stain.

Ink can also cause heart-skips. Try this before you decide to declare your couch as a piece of modern art: Dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol, and then carefully remove the stain. Alcohol works as a solvent and lifts the ink. After the stain has faded, dabbing it with a wet cloth will do wonders.

Coffee, the spill that occurs every two weeks. Avoid panic by blotting away excess liquid. Mix a little liquid dish soap and lukewarm tepid water. Use a soft, clean cloth to sponge on the liquid mixture. Blot the area until it disappears. To finish, rinse the stain with ice water and dry it off.

You know how difficult it is to remove urine stains from your pet’s fur. The odor can be neutralized by mixing equal amounts of vinegar with water after absorbing any excess urine. After letting it rest for a couple of minutes, dab the area dry and take your dog on an extra stroll as a precaution.

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