How to keep your carpets fresh

What a fun way to pass the time! It’s true – cleaning carpets is like hugging your home read full report. It’s all about creating a space that is comfortable to walk through.

Vacuuming is the most effective thing you can do to maintain your carpet. It is easy to think that using the vacuum cleaner more often will cause your carpet to wear down faster than a kid wearing out new sneakers. It’s not true. Vacuuming regularly will remove dust and dirt before they can become a serious problem. It is a good preventive measure.

Now let’s move onto the juicy stuff. Uninvited guests refuse to leave your party. If you have stains on your clothes, it is important to act fast but to remain calm. You might grab the first cleaner you see if you are in a hurry. It can be a disaster. Many spills can be cleaned up with water and white vinegar if caught early.

Even when we have the best intentions, our carpets sometimes require more help than what we are capable of providing. It’s time to hire professionals. They have seen everything and cleaned it. The equipment they use is far more advanced than the little scrub brushes or spray bottles we have. They can revive things using innovative new methods, or hot water extraction.

But what about in between all those professional cleanings you do? Concentrate on spot-cleaning. It’s like being a detective with a specialization in dirt. It is important to determine the type of stain before you choose your cleaning tool. Always test your cleaner on a hidden area of carpet before you use it on the visible part. No one wants a bleach stain on their carpet in the living room.

You can breathe better if you keep your carpets clean. Literally! Carpets can be great for capturing dust particles and other airborne contaminants, but when the amount of these particles is too high, they will start to affect your indoor air quality. Regular cleaning can help prevent people from kicking these particles back into the air.

The whole debate on whether to use shampoo or encapsulation is a bit fancy, isn’t it. This old-school method cleans well, but it leaves behind lots of sticky and wet foam. Encapsulation, the cool little sister of shampooing, traps dust inside dry foam which can be vacuumed up after drying.

Cleaning carpets is not rocket science, but it will require some elbow grease and even professional assistance. You want to make your home feel comfortable and welcoming, not just beautiful. We can relax here and have fun, even if we spill a little red wine.

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