How to install dashcams: The Step by Step Guide

Dashcams are a very popular addition to cars. They can record any incident, accident, or even if you’re on a scenic drive. The installation of a Dash Cam may appear daunting but it is not difficult to do with the correct tools and instructions. Here is a guide that will walk you through the process of installing a dashboard camera. Click here.

Pick the Best Location

It is important to select the location of your dashcam before you begin. The dashcam should be mounted so that it doesn’t obstruct the view and allows you to clearly see both the front and rear of your car. Most dash cams are mounted near the mirror on the windscreen.

Next, prepare the mounting bracket

The mount bracket must be prepared once you choose the desired location. Most Dash Cams have a suction or adhesive mount. Suction cups should be moistened and pressed firmly against the glass. Before attaching an mounting you should clean the area using rub alcohol.

Installation of the Dash Cam

After the mounting bracket has been placed, the dash cam can be mounted. Most dashcams slide on the bracket, then click it into place. Assemble the dashcam securely to bracket.

Step 4 – Connect the Power Cable

Connect the power cable next to the dashcam. In some cases, depending on the model of your dash cam and how you want to use it, the power cord may have to be connected either to a fusebox or to a cigarette light. For connecting the cable, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 5 – Hide the cables

The cables will be hidden once the power cord is attached. Cables can be hidden behind the trim or along the sides of the dashboard and windshield. Cable ties and adhesive clip can be used to hold the cables.

Step 6 – Test dash Cam

The dash cam should be tested to confirm that it is functioning properly. Start the car, and then check that it is recording on its LCD screen. You can test the dash cam by driving a little to see if the footage is good and that it is operating properly.

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