How To Fit Nursing Shoe Properly

Nursing staff spend long periods of time on their feet propet australia, working 8-12 hour shifts in a hospital or doctor’s office. Foot, leg and back pain are caused by walking down hallways for many miles each day. This fatigue can affect the nurses’ ability to move quickly and easily in situations when time is a factor.

Wearing nursing shoes with supportive and comfortable foot beds can help reduce fatigue. These shoes must be fitted properly to the foot in order to provide support and avoid foot problems like corns and ulcers. Wearing full-support pantyhose can help to reduce leg fatigue.

It is important that nursing shoes fit correctly. The majority of women purchase shoes by sight and not feeling the shoe on their foot. Medical shoes should actually be worn with the eyes shut to increase the senses so that the shoes can “feel” like they belong to the nurse. It is important to follow some guidelines when buying comfortable shoes as this is not the traditional way of purchasing shoes.

* Don’t make the assumption that you already know your shoe size. The lasts used to make each brand of medical shoes are different, and they fit and feel differently. You can choose a shoe size according to how it feels. You should leave at least 1″ between the tip of your toes, and the front part of the shoe.

Remember that most people have one foot larger than the others. Fit the larger foot first, and then the smaller.

* Choose a foot-shaped shoe. If you have large toes, select a shoe which has a higher toe box.

The foot becomes wider when you stand, and the shoe will fit better.

You should buy shoes after work or in the evening when your feet have swollen.

* While in the shoe store, walk around wearing both shoes to check for pressure points. Wear the shoes you bought at home, inside and on carpet (to keep the soles cleaned) for one day. This will help you determine if they are comfortable.

* Do not buy the nurses’ shoes if you do not find them comfortable or if they feel too tight in the shop. They won’t get any better as they wear.

Last but not least, nursing shoes or clogs aren’t meant to last forever. Purchase two pairs and alternate them to extend the life of your medical shoes. The perspiration from the foot will dry the insides out. Air drying the shoe helps to prolong its life by preventing bacteria from destroying it. The worn-out shoe will not support the foot or provide shock absorption, even if it is still comfortable. Incorrectly fitted shoes can create a number of problems, which make it more difficult to do your job.

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