Readers ask: Instructions On How To Play Chess?

What are the basic rules of chess?

Chess moves

  • King can move exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Queen can move any number of vacant squares diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.
  • Rook can move any number of vacant squares vertically or horizontally.
  • Bishop can move any number of vacant squares in any diagonal direction.

What are the four steps to chess?

Here is how to checkmate in 4 moves:

  1. Move your King’s pawn to e4.
  2. Black plays 1… e5.
  3. Move your queen all the way to the h5 square.
  4. Black plays 2… Nc6.
  5. Move your light squared bishop to the c4 square.
  6. Black plays Nf6.
  7. Deliver checkmate by capturing the black pawn on f7. (The king is checkmated)

How does the game of chess work?

Chess is a two-player board game using a chessboard and sixteen pieces of six types for each player. The object of the game is to checkmate (threaten with inescapable capture) the opponent’s king. Games do not necessarily end in checkmate; a player who expects to lose may resign.

Can you win chess in 2 moves?

In chess, Fool’s Mate, also known as the “two- move checkmate”, is the checkmate delivered after the fewest possible moves from the game’s starting position. It can be achieved only by Black, giving checkmate on the second move with the queen. Even among rank beginners, this checkmate rarely occurs in practice.

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How do you win chess in 7 steps?


  1. Move your King Pawn forward to e4. In both of these methods the key piece for you is your Queen.
  2. Capture your opponent’s Pawn at f5. Now use your Pawn to capture your opponent’s advanced Pawn by attacking on the diagonal.
  3. Move your White Queen to h5 (Qh5). Checkmate!
  4. Call out checkmate!

What are the 3 basic principles of opening in chess?

Basic Principles of Chess Openings

  • Control the Center.
  • King Safety.
  • Castling.
  • Development.
  • Freedom.

How do you get good at chess?

  1. Make sure you know the rules.
  2. Play lots and lots of chess games.
  3. Review and learn from your games.
  4. Do practice chess puzzles.
  5. Study basic endgames.
  6. Don’t waste time memorizing openings.
  7. Always double-check your moves.

Can a king kill a king in chess?

No, a King can ‘t kill a King in Chess. So you are not allowed to move your king right next to the opponent’s king. There will always be a square in between the kings which separates them. This means it is technically impossible for your king to kill the opponent’s king.

What is the goal of chess?

The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, whereby the king is under immediate attack (in “check”) and there is no way for it to escape it. There are also several ways a game can end in a draw. Organized chess arose in the 19th century.

What is the trick to winning chess?

Here are 10 tips to get you started:

  1. LEARN THE MOVES. Each chess piece can move only a certain way.
  2. OPEN WITH A PAWN. Move the pawn in front of either the king or queen two squares forward.
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How can I practice chess alone?

Here are 21 effective ways on how to play chess alone for beginners

  1. Use the right chess set. Why use the correct chess set?
  2. Play chess comfortably.
  3. Find the best place at home.
  4. Play chess puzzles.
  5. Setup white chess pieces first.
  6. Give enough time with every chess move.
  7. Avoid copying moves.
  8. Play with chess notation.
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