Readers ask: How To Play Youtube With Screen Off Iphone?

Can I listen to YouTube with screen off?

When you’re on the YouTube website, open the video you want and tap the AA button on Safari’s search console. On the dropdown menu, tap the Request Desktop Site option and play your video. This method ensures you can listen to YouTube videos with your screen off.

How can I play YouTube while my phone is locked?

Play Through Google Chrome Browser On Android Simply pull up the Chrome Browser – which should come preloaded on your Android phone – and watch the video in question. If you lock your phone, the audio should continue playing.

Which app can play YouTube in the background?

One of them is Brave Browser. It allows you to play videos on the world’s most popular video hosting in the background both on Android and iOS. It’s enough to just turn the desired video on and then hide the browser Brave. After that, the sound will continue to play in the background.

How do I keep YouTube from playing in the background?

The steps to turn off background playback feature are discussed below:

  1. Open YouTube App.
  2. Tap on your avatar, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on Background and Downloads.
  5. Tap on the Playback option.
  6. Tap off to altogether disable the background playback option.
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How do I keep my music playing when my iPhone is locked?

This can be done by opening Settings. app, going to General, then scrolling down to “Auto- Lock “. Set this to “Never”. It is possible use the speakers on iPhone to play even when the device is locked. This is possible by:

  1. Opening Music. app.
  2. Select song /album/playlist.
  3. Lock the device. The music will continue to play.

Which browser can play YouTube in background?

For Android devices, YouTube videos can be played in the background via Google Chrome or picture in picture mode. For Apple smartphones, streaming videos with YouTube minimized can be done with the help of browsers like Opera and Dolphin.

Can you play YouTube in the background on iPhone?

To play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone, you can use YouTube Premium or Safari. YouTube Premium lets you play videos when the app isn’t open, but it costs $11.99 per month. You can also open YouTube in Safari and use the desktop view mode to play videos in the background. 6

Can YouTube Music app play in the background?

Unfortunately, unless you’re a subscriber to YouTube Premium ($11.99 a month) or YouTube Music ($9.99 a month), your ability to listen to a YouTube video in the background is limited — doable, but limited. Android users have it slightly better in this respect.

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