Readers ask: How To Play War Thunder Naval?

Does War Thunder have ships?

In the War Thunder “New Power” update, we are presenting the first battleships and battlecruisers! These are giant, heavily armored ships with large-calibre guns.

Who has the best Navy in War Thunder?

Germany is good across the BR range. US has strong late-game destroyers and weak low tier. Russian navy defends motherland with heavily armored, shallow water battle canoes. Germany is definitely the strongest overall.

How do crews work in war thunder?

Basically, crews are slots you place your vehicles into within the game. Initially you get two crews for each nation by default. Additional crews have to be purchased for Silver Lions(SL) or Golden Eagles(GE). You can also gain an additional crew for each nation by participating in our referral system.

What is the biggest ship in War Thunder?

The Yamato-class battleship was the largest class of battleships ever built.

Length 263 m (862.83 ft)
Beam 38.9 m (127.58 ft)
Draught 10.4 m (34.08 ft)


What are the best planes in war thunder?

The Best War Thunder Planes

  • B-29A-BN.
  • Spitfire Mk 24.
  • F-4C Phantom II.
  • Arado Ar 234.
  • AH-1Z.
  • Yak-3P.
  • G.56.
  • Bf 109 B-1.
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Which country has the best fleet in War Thunder?

  • Germans are the most consistently good at every tier.
  • US is good early.
  • Russia is good early as long as you go for their gunboats and monitors instead of their PT boats.
  • cant really comment on brits since i only played what they had in early CBT.

Why are there depth charges in War Thunder?

Effective damage Although originally they were designed to produce both explosive and shockwave damage underwater to destroy submarines, in War Thunder, there are no submarine vehicles and as a result, the depth charges have a very focused area of effect.

Can you repair your plane in war thunder?

Yes, as long as the pilot is alive and not moving on the ground, the plane should be able to be repaired.

What is send to holiday in war thunder?

All it does is moves the plane out of that slot. It’s like switching to another plane, but it switches to an empty slot. The only use I see is if you want a low tier arcade line up, but don’t want to pay to retrain a crew on low tier plane.

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