Readers ask: How To Play Twilight Imperium?

How long does it take to play Twilight Imperium?

Twilight Imperium

Box art for Twilight Imperium third edition
Designer(s) Christian T. Petersen
Players 3–81
Playing time 5–14 hours
Random chance Some D10 dice and cards


Is Twilight Imperium difficult?

It’s not hard though it is a little complex (and lengthy, VERY lengthy). Choose the Imperial card every chance you get and don’t worry overly much about eliminating anyone. Just played my first game of it last weekend and would love to try it with the expansions sometime soon.

Is Twilight Imperium good?

When it’s good —with six people who know what they’re doing— Twilight Imperium is one of the best games there is. When it’s bad—after seven hours with only two people left who can possibly win and everyone else going through the motions out of politeness—it’s horrid.

Can you play Twilight Imperium with 2 players?

There is no official mechanism for 2 – player TI. You can find a few fan-variants designed for 2 players, few of which seem like they would be in any way functional. If one is desparate for a 2 – player version, this variant ( 2 – player -prince)

Can you play Twilight Imperium solo?

Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition) is a game of galactic conquest in which three to six players (and we have a solo variant available!)

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Should I buy Twilight Imperium 4th Edition?

I would 100% recommend buying it and to not look back. Personally, I think if you’ve got TI3 + expansion content and you play it regularly (i.e 1-2+ per year) then you’re better off sticking with what you’ve got. Once TI4 has expansions, then I’d jump ship. If you get TI3 played, its worth it.

Is Twilight Imperium out of print?

Its not going out of print. They will keep doing new print runs until the 5th edition comes out.

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