Readers ask: How To Play Soul Worker?

How do I make soul worker full screen?

What you can do is the following: do a right click on your SoulWorker shortcut and select “open file location”. SCREENMODE=2 for fullscreen mode.

Can I run it soul worker?

SoulWorker requires at least a GeForce 7600 GS to pass the minimum specs. SoulWorker is a Free-to- Play anime action MMO that combines combo oriented combat with the classic anime feel. Prepare yourself for fast-paced combat and 4 unique characters to choose from. Enjoy PVE and PVP combat in this post-apocalyptic world.

What happened to burning SoulWorker?

Unfortunately, an unforeseen medical need has forced Burning to shut the server down. According to the farewell letter, Burning has been diagnosed with a hereditary disease that requires residency in a medical facility 24/7 for the months to come. That means Burning SoulWorker will go dark too.

Is Soul Worker worth playing?

The action combat is some of the best I’ve come across in the genre, and honestly, playing through the story is a lotta fun. The characters are super cute, the outfits add on to that quite a bit, and the graphics are some of my favorite. Overall, I enjoy Soul Worker. I have every time I’ve played through it.

Is SoulWorker Dead 2020?

Dear SoulWorker, regrettably, we must announce today that the adventures in SoulWorker will soon be coming to an end: Gameforge will cease operation of the game on 30/04/2021.

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Is SoulWorker pay to win?

Its not p2w. Its free to play. Enough in-game activities to keep your interest. Even if it has 6 characters,the fashion items are more than enough to make you look unique.

How do I reset my skills in Soulworker?

Resetting Skills In order to change your skills, you must use a Skill Reset Ticket or a Skill Tree Reset Ticket.

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