Readers ask: How To Play Shadowverse On Pc?

Does Steam have Shadowverse?

Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Cygames. It was released free-to-play for iOS and Android devices in June 2016.

Is Shadowverse free to play?

Fuchsia the Biscuit – Shadowverse Tournament Organizer, YouTuber and Streamer. I play Shadowverse because it’s a fun competitive game that I can play absolutely for free, which is important to me because I’m from a developing country.

Where can I download Shadowverse?

  1. V3.3.0 89.8 MB APK. Shadowverse. 2021-03-30. Shadowverse 3.3.0 (140) Update on: 2021-03-30.
  2. V3.2.20 88.6 MB APK. Shadowverse. 2021-02-18. Shadowverse 3.2.20 (139) Update on: 2021-02-18.
  3. V3.2.7 88.5 MB APK. Shadowverse. 2021-01-08. Shadowverse 3.2.7 (138)
  4. V3.2.0 88.5 MB APK. Shadowverse. 2020-12-24. Shadowverse 3.2.0 (137)

Is Shadowverse dead?

The game is very much alive, Western community is as dead as ever. There are some Shadowverse channels mainly Ignideus, Kulo Gaming and BTC. The game itself though has never felt dead.

Is Shadowverse pay to win?

Shadowverse has officially become pay to win.

How many GB is Shadowverse?

Storage: 8.5 GB available space.

Is Shadowverse beginner friendly?

Building a Shadowverse deck and your collection. It’s difficult to build a deck when you first get started. The game will tell you to build a Rotation deck right away as it is a more “ beginner – friendly format.” The format does have a lower learning curve but is generally very expensive to get into.

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Is Shadowverse better than Hearthstone?

Shadowverse is pretty good at being free to play, you get alot of packs for starting, you can easily uninstall the game to try to get better packs, I would probably say it’s also the easiest to learn since the evolve mechanic gives you a chance of getting pack into the game which is something that can be tougher to do

Is Shadowverse any good?

Shadowverse has great animation’s quality and voice acting. Truly top-notch in those 2 parts. But, it also suffers from really bad writing (the dialogue really bad at some point) due to so too much uses of the Theatrical Approach method.

How many players does Shadowverse have?


Month Avg. Players Gain
December 2020 3,304.7 +503.2
November 2020 2,801.4 -553.6
October 2020 3,355.0 +365.9
September 2020 2,989.1 -325.1


How do I reset Shadowverse on steam?

– Go to Settings. – Go to Apps and select Shadowverse. – Clear the data. 7

Can you link Steam account to mobile?

If you want to stream games to your phone, download the Steam link beta client to your Android phone using this Google Play Store link. If you ‘re using two PCs, you won’t need to pair them in order to stream in-home; just sign into the same account on the same network.

How do I link Shadowverse to another service?

In the main menu, go to “More” and there select “Device Link ”. The generated code will be sent to your email. Copy the code into your Android version. On the title screen, select “Data Link ” and input the link code.

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