Readers ask: How To Play Scythe?

Is scythe easy to learn?

Scythe is a really good game but there are alot of moving parts, so it is not the easiest game to learn, play – after 2 or so plays it will get easier. Much more going on then in Catan or Risk.

How long does it take to play scythe?

Scythe (board game)

Designer(s) Jamey Stegmaier
Players 1-5
Setup time 10 minutes
Playing time 90-115 minutes
Random chance Moderate


Why is scythe so expensive?

Currently, the existing copies of Scythe have mostly sold out. So, the few copies that are for sale, are insanely expensive. As Scythe continues to be manufactured and sold, supply will catch up with demand and you’ll be able to buy it at a more reasonable price.

Is scythe a good solo game?

As a primarily solitaire gamer, imo Scythe is one of the best solo experiences you can get. The Automa is a genuine AI that’s easy to run. It simulates a smart opponent while taking the necessary shortcuts to ensure that it’s not too fiddly to run.

Is scythe worth buying?

IMO Scythe is a great game. I do think it’s a bit overrated, but still a great and extremely unique game that plays out totally different every time I play it. Components and game quality are excellent yes, but only you can tell if you’ll actually like playing it.

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Is scythe hard to learn?

Part of the beauty of Scythe is that it is not at all complex to learn but you can take it fairly deep. The game plays to the level of your group. If you have big strategists they will dig into neutralizing the competition. If you all like to kick back and produce, it’s mostly going to let you.

Is scythe fun with 2 players?

Scythe plays great at all player counts, including solo. If you can only play with 2 – you can always add in an automa (or 2 ). The automa mechanism does not add much length to the game and they are relatively easy to manage. However, the game is fine with only 2.

Who holds a scythe?

For thousands of years, various cultures have had figures to represent death. One of the most common and enduring of these is the Grim Reaper —usually a skeletal figure, who is often shrouded in a dark, hooded robe and carrying a scythe to “reap” human souls.

Who invented scythe?

The scythe appears to have developed during Roman times, though it probably wasn’t developed by the Romans. Pliny, in his Natural History noted that there were two kinds of scythe: the heavy Gallic kind, and the shorter Italian model.

Can you fight with a scythe?

Well, people have used scythes (or more accurately, sickles) as weapons in combat. As for the advantages, the form of the weapon gives you a pretty good grip for slashing, and the perpendicular blade is good for hooking (much like and axe or halberd would be used), which is useful when facing people with shields.

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Are scythes legal?

As stated in the tenth commandment, scythes are not subject to the law as the general populace is, and as such have their own governing bodies to regulate their activities. Scythes operate within a regional scythedom, which is subordinate to the World Scythe Council, which represents the world’s collective scythedom.

Is a scythe an AXE?

Despite its name, the Scythe actually resembled a lochaber axe with a red, steel head, and a sliver edge on the border of the blade. A steel shaft hold the head with nails stamped along it, and, connected via an assembly of metal spikes, a brown haft with a simple wooden stake in its other extremity.

Is scythe good Reddit?

It’s a good, well designed, game that’s managed to carve out an interesting niche. The art style and world are great but only window dressing really. At its core it’s just a very accessible, very well produced efficiency puzzle with some light area control and very light worker placement sprinkled in.

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