Readers ask: How To Play Pog?

What are the rules of pogs?

Rules of the game:

  • Each player stacks an equal amount of Pogs face down.
  • Flip a Pog to determine who goes first.
  • First player slams the stack with a Slammer.
  • All Pogs landing face up go to that player.
  • Restack the remaining Pogs for tghe next player.
  • Players take alternate turns until all Pogs are flipped.

What was the point of pogs?

Like Menko, the point of pog playing is to flip your opponent’s pieces. Most schoolyard battles went for the blood—or, really, for the pog, with players playing “for keeps.” Players face off by contributing the same number of cardboard pogs to a large stack, all placed facedown.

What is POG slang for?

Now, “ pog ” is often used in gaming to mean “play of the game.” It is commonly used in online games like Overwatch and League of Legends and on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube.

How many pogs do you start with?

It’s usually best to play with at least 10-15 pogs total. Make sure the stack is at least that big. Start by placing all the pogs into a pile, then shuffling them and stacking them face down.

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Are Pogs worth money?

Pogs from the ’90s can go for under $1 each. While some Pogs can be worth a decent amount of money, individual Pogs can go for under $1 and even larger collections will sell for around $10.

Where did POG come from?

The game Pogs, which is also known as “milkcaps,” originated early in the twentieth century in Hawaii. The term “ pog ” comes from the brand name of a juice. “ POG ” juice got its name from an acronym (an actual acronym, for once) referring to its ingredients: Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava.

What are the most valuable Pogs?

Top 10 Most Expensive POGs! (Do You Have These?!)

  • Derrick Jeter / Jorge Posada POGs ($60)
  • Pokemon 50 Piece Collection Set ($28)
  • Waterworld With Kevin Costner 65 POG Set ($36)
  • Snoopy Peanuts 38 Piece Collection ($18)
  • Ice Age Collision Course Set of 3 POGs ($8)
  • Angry Birds Go Set of 3 POGs ($8)

What is the rarest POG?

Bart Simpson Produced by Skybox and in collectible sets of 20 to 50, Bart pogs was by far the rarest. Released in 1994 like the aforementioned ranger set, this pog has probably kept its value due to the even mix of rarity and the continued popularity of The Simpsons as a television show.

Why did Pogs go out of style?

The market became completely oversaturated This universality and open-branding promoted by the World Pog Federation ultimately proved to be the downfall of the product. The market became oversaturated quickly, as Rypinski granted licenses to pretty much anyone that paid up for it.

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Is POG being discontinued?

Hawaii’s historic dairy Meadow Gold, the name associated with POG, is no longer. “We are extremely disappointed that we were unable to finalize an agreement for Industrial Realty Group to acquire our Hawaii operations.” — Dean Foods.

What year were Pogs popular?

Milk caps returned to popularity when the World POG Federation and the Canada Games Company reintroduced them under the Pog brand name in the 1990s. The Pog fad soared, and peaked in the mid-1990s.

What are Pogs in the military?

Pogue or POG (Person Other than a Grunt) is American pejorative military slang for non-infantry MOS ( military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.

What are Pogs made of?

The tops were round, flat and made out of cardboard. About that same time, a fruit drink called POG was very popular in Hawaii, and the Dairy began distributing POG milk bottle caps to promote its fruit drink. POG is made from passion fruit, orange and guava juices.

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