Readers ask: How To Play Pixelmon With Friends?

Can you play Pixelmon multiplayer?

Pixelmon is a community created mod that allows you to bring Pokemon to Minecraft! The mod serves as a great alternative to the actual Pokemon games and is something that can be enjoyed with your friends in a multiplayer environment.

What is the best Pixelmon server?

Best Pixelmon Minecraft Servers

Rank Server
#1 Complex Gaming IP:
#2 PokeSaga IP:
#3 Pixelmon Servers IP:
#4 SmashMC IP:


Is the Pixelmon mod safe to download?

http:// The links for the mod files are definitely compromised but the link for the launcher seems safe, I’d still be cautious though. Instead I recommend downloading a pixelmon modpack off Technic and taking the mod from that pack, probably the safest bet right now.

Can you play Pixelmon on mobile?

If you would like to download Pixelmon For Minecraft PE Free for android then download and install the apk file, start the game and complete a quick verification to unlock the full game when prompted. Pixelmon Mobile is completely free to download and play, be one of the first to gain access.

Does Pixelmon still work?

The answer is yes, and it was taken down by request of The Pokemon Company in 2017. But now there is Pixelmon Generations, and it’s amazing. Pixelmon Generations is a mod for Minecraft that features the critter-catching gameplay of Pokèmon into Mojang’s blocky universe.

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Is Minecraft Pixelmon free?

Is Pixelmon Mod free to use? Yes. As a fan project unauthorised by Nintendo, Pixelmon is a non-commercial endeavour that is free to download and use. You will, of course, require a functioning copy of Minecraft before you can use it.

What is the server IP for Pixelmon?

Browse Minecraft Pixelmon Server pages

Rank IP Address
#1 Players: 54 / 101 Votes (May): 216 Votes (all time): 133440
#2 Players: 1137 / 3000 Votes (May): 8092 Votes (all time): 1466690
#3 Players: 477 / 999 Votes (May): 7135 Votes (all time): 284299


Is Tlauncher safe?

Yes it is safe. I use Tlauncher for months and there is no problems till now. So I can suggest you to sign in to Tlauncher without any fear. It is safe if you download it from the official site.

Was Pixelmon shut down?

The Pokemon Company finally dropped the hammer. We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from The Pokemon Company we will be shutting our doors,” the team announced yesterday.

What is the best starter in Pixelmon?

  • Bulbasaur.
  • Popillo.
  • Squirtle.
  • Fennekin.
  • Treecko.
  • Piplup.
  • Chespin.
  • Charmander.

Is there a bedrock Pixelmon server?

Pixelmon is a mod, and Bedrock Edition does not have any mods, so Pixelmon would be pretty hard to do on Bedrock. But it’s pawsible. I hope the developers or someone finds a way. Bedrock is a good source of income for Mojang so it should look after its customers.

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