Readers ask: How To Play Music Through Speakers While Using Headphones?

How do I get my Iphone to play through speakers and headphones?

How to play music through speakers while using headphones?

  1. Go to your task bar, right-click the volume icon and then select ‘Sound’.
  2. Here you will find ‘Playback’ tab.
  3. Now, click ‘Recording’ tab and then right click at empty space give the ‘Show disabled devices’ command.
  4. You have to right click ‘Stereo Mix’ and enable the device.

How do I get sound to play through my headphones only?

Method 2:

  1. Go to Start and click on control Panel.
  2. Click in Sound, then a new window will open up.
  3. In the new windows click on the tab “Playback” and right click in the window and click onShow Disabled devices.
  4. Now check if headphones are listed there and right click on it and choose enable.

When I plug headphones in speakers stay on?

Check to see if your headphones are set to be used as the default *Communication* device instead of the default device, or if both devices are set to default. If so, make the headphones default, so that Windows will use them only when they are plugged in. Make sure you have “The default communication device unchecked”.

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Can you have two audio outputs?

If you use more than one audio device to create a multi- output device, you can play audio through several devices at once. For example, when you add two devices to a multi- output device, audio sent to the master device also plays through any other device in the stack.

How do I play music through my speakers and headphones at the same time Android?

Right-click Stereo Mix and select the Enable option. Then right-click Stereo Mix to select the Set as Default Device option on its context menu. Click Properties on Stereo Mix’s context menu to open the Stereo Mix Properties window. Select the Listen tab on the Stereo Mix window.

Why can’t I hear the game in my headset?

Check the audio settings on the guide to make sure they are not low. press the Xbox button on the controller, move all the way to cog icon, and select the audio option, from there you should be able to see the volume and mixer options for the headset.

Why does my computer play music in both headphones and out loud?

For most users,the default device is speaker, change it to headphones. Make sure that your audio settings are configured as expected. Step 2: On the Playback tab, select the playback device, click Properties, click the Advanced tab, and make sure that the Default Format is set to the value that you expect.

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