Readers ask: How To Play Mercy?

How do you get play as mercy?

As for the actual post, basically you need to rez, heal, and get 2 final blows (in other words, Valk to save someone and finish off whatever your team did assuming they won the fight) within the potg time frame to get play.

How do you play Mercy effectively?

To activate the ability, look at an ally within range and hit the ability, Mercy then flies over to them and stops just before them. This is an absolutely crucial ability to master and learn to control, it is what will keep you alive and subsequently, your allies too.

How can I improve my mercy?

I’m a GM Mercy!

  1. Positioning is key. You should be able to see your team but not see the enemy.
  2. Be paranoid.
  3. Get every bit of ult charge you can.
  4. Be a bit selfish.
  5. Prioritize your healing.
  6. Be on the lookout for fly targets.
  7. Use Guardian Angel to move when playing against a good Widowmaker.
  8. Use damage boost.

Is mercy a good healer?

In low ranks players use Mercy only to heal and usually get gold healing even with like an Ana or something. But in higher ranks she is used heavily for damage boosting DPS and will rarely focus on tanks unless really necessary. In higher ranks Ana and Baps can aim better and do the main healer role better.

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How much healing does mercy do?

Mercy gains no Ultimate Charge for this self- healing. Coalescence grants self healing of 50 hit points per second, regardless of if it is healing any allies or damaging any enemies. The Reaping heals for 30% of damage dealt. Reaper gains no Ultimate Charge for this self- healing.

How do you get on fire with mercy?

You pretty much have to heal a tank non-stop for 50 years, stay on the payload, or get a couple of huge rezzes. The criteria are the same as for every character: Have more than 250 fire points. The fire meter depletes at a rate of 5 per second. Healing gives 1 fire per 5 hp.

How do I get Potg new mercy?

The way you get POTG as Mercy is wait for a DPS to get their ultimate (preferablly an easy one like maybe Reaper) and when they die, say “Ima Rez u and then use ult immediately” which will sometimes give you POTG instead of them since you Rez and get like 5 assists within 7 seconds.

How do you super jump with mercy?

Essentially, a Super Jump is exactly what it sounds like – a move that allows Mercy to jump into the air much higher than she otherwise would be able to. “ Super Jumping with Mercy is hitting Guardian Angel and crouch at about the same time and then jumping towards the end of the Guardian Angel,” he explained.

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