Readers ask: How To Play Lumber Tycoon 2?

What is there to do in lumber tycoon 2?

The main objective of the game is to chop down trees, sell wood, and purchase items and equipment with money. There are vehicles to purchase and the player can buy a sawmill to increase the value of their logs (creating planks) and make them smaller to fit in your truck.

What is the best AXE in lumber tycoon 2?

The Rukiryaxe, also commonly referred to as the Shark Axe, is one of the best axes in the game. It deals better damage than the Silver Axe and has a faster cooldown.

What is the most expensive wood in lumber tycoon 2?

Name Money/unit log Thickness
Elm $0.75 Money 2.5 units
Walnut $1.2 Money 2.5 units
Cherry $1.3 Money 1.6 units
Snowglow $1.5 Money 2 units


How long does night last in lumber tycoon 2?

16 minutes daytime, and 8 minutes night.

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Where is the end times AXE in lumber tycoon 2?

The symbol can be found near the south-east corner of the Taiga. Note that it has a faint appearance, which means it can not be fully-visible when viewed afar.

How do you get the eyeball in lumber tycoon 2 2020?

The Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye can be found at Bob’s Shack on top of the light for $400,306 money.

Can you still get the many AXE in lumber tycoon 2?

The axe was removed from intended obtainment, as the small maze below Fancy Furnishings was removed on January 1st, but the axe could still be seen underneath the store respawning and plundering into the void in a constant loop, as there was nothing there to support it.

Where do I get sinister wood?

Sinister trees will tend to grow in areas with more parts that it can choose from, typically around the Swamp, the Mountainside, the Taiga, and the Tropics.

How do you get the fire AXE in lumber tycoon 2?

Obtaining. The axe could be obtained by unboxing the Fiery Gift of Lumber, which could be purchased for $14,400 money during the 2015 Christmas Event. The gift was removed from the store after the event.

How much is the rusty AXE worth in lumber tycoon 2?


Axes Cost Damage
Standard Axes (Available from Wood R Us)
Rusty Axe 16,004 (From Old Gift of Oxidation) 0.55
Candy Corn Axe 9,400 1.75
Cave Axe 32,089 (From Spooky Deep Earth Gift) 7.2 (Cavecrawler Wood) 0.4 (Others)
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What is the max money in lumber tycoon 2?

There is currently no limit on the amount of Money a player can have in a game session. However, the maximum that can be saved is $20,000,000.

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