Readers ask: How To Play Lawful Neutral?

What characters are lawful neutral?

These characters also respect the idea of station in life. They will act as they should, given their station. Here are some possible adjectives describing lawful neutral characters: reliable, responsible, truthful, orderly, loyal, respectful of authority, regular, structured, rigid, neat, methodical, and precise.

How do you play a neutral good character?

Neutral Good moral code I will help people in need. I will not harm innocent people. I will respect and support others who want to do good without being power hungry or restricting individual freedoms. I will trust my conscience over that of the law.

Who is lawful neutral?

A lawful neutral character typically believes strongly in lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules, and tradition, but often follows a personal code in addition to, or even in preference to, one set down by a benevolent authority.

How do you play as chaotic neutral?

The Chaotic Neutral alignment is a fun alignment to play as. You are free to do whatever you want in each situation and follow your personal interests while doing very little harm to others. You’ll generally be a Good person because you aren’t out to do Evil and Good decisions often lead to better outcomes for you.

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Is Batman lawful neutral?

2 Batman /Bruce Wayne – Neutral Good Batman is generally good but he is a vigilante. Despite the fact that he helps eradicate crime in Gotham, the police consider him a vigilante who doesn’t follow proper procedures. This disqualifies him from being lawful good and makes him neutral good.

Is Lawful Neutral good?

Lawful Neutral vs Lawful Good A Lawful Neutral character will never break the Law in the name of Good or Evil. They simply enforce it without any moral judgement of their own. They believe that with well defined Law and Order, there is no need for individuals to bring in their own judgement on what is good or evil.

Is Chaotic Neutral bad?

It’s not inherently a bad alignment. A character that survives by their wits with no real lean towards being inherently good or bad but tends to operate outside the law would be considered chaotic neutral.

Is Thanos chaotic good?

When looking at the MCU version of Thanos within the scope of RPG morality, many would assign the chaotic evil alignment to him, but actually, Thanos falls more accurately in the alignment of extreme Chaotic Good. They do good or evil according the laws under which they operate.

Is Spiderman chaotic good?

Spiderman – Chaotic Good – he’s a vigilante who runs from the police constantly.

How do I become neutral evil?

The personal code of a neutral evil character may look like this:

  1. You shall lie to advance yourself.
  2. You shall harm the innocent to advance yourself.
  3. You shall kill to advance yourself.
  4. You shall not aid the weak.
  5. You shall honor those who are stronger.
  6. You shall follow the law only to advance yourself.
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What is chaotic lawful?

Chaos. Lawful characters tell the truth, keep their word, respect authority, honor tradition, and judge those who fall short of their duties. Chaotic characters follow their consciences, resent being told what to do, favor new ideas over tradition, and do what they promise if they feel like it.

What alignment is Geralt?

Geralt is definitely chaotic good. He has never shown a regard for the law when it comes to doing the right thing.

Is the Joker chaotic neutral?

The Joker, being a person who is literally insane and kills people for the fun of it, is the epitome of a chaotic evil character. But remember, at the same time, someone who kills people just for fun can also be a Lawful-Evil character.

Is Jack Sparrow chaotic neutral?

2 Jack Sparrow: Chaotic Neutral His character is always fun to watch and cannot be compared to anyone else in the franchise. Although he is a pirate, it would be wrong to place Jack in the evil alignment.

Is Loki chaotic neutral?

Chaotic Neutral – Loki Part of being a Chaotic Neutral is that you do whatever you can get away with. No one in the MCU fits that description more than the God of Mischief. Loki often sides with the villains in a film, but that’s usually because he’s getting something out of it.

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