Readers ask: How To Play Kenshi?

How do I have fun in Kenshi?

Make up some goals to clear your region of bandits or to go train in the Fog Islands. Buy some maps, find some ruins, go explore them. Find some Bounties that look interesting and go take them down.

Is Kenshi difficult?

It’s normal and apart of the game. Be careful where you travel and pay attention to people and animals around you. If you think they look too strong, hide or run away. This game is difficult but that is part of its charm.

How do you start off in Kenshi?

Most Game Starts will begin with your character having a Basic First Aid Kit and a food item in their inventory. For starting characters which are non-Skeletons (Hive, Human, and Shek), the only supplies needed to stay healthy are First Aid Kits and Food.

Is Kenshi a good game?

So first off I am going to say, Kenshi is a good game. It has its flaws but overall is a good purchase for what it is. Honestly it is disappointing to realize this because the game could use so much more content in order to make it feel more fleshed out and a fully realized end product.

Can you die in Kenshi?

How do you die in this game? Ways to die: -100 in head, chest, or abdoman.

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Will there be a Kenshi 2?

Kenshi 2 is a prequel to Kenshi that is still under development by Lo-Fi Games. It was originally going to be made in the latest version of OGRE, though this was later changed and it is now being built in the Unreal 4 game engine. Multiplayer is not planned for the game.

What does easy prospecting do Kenshi?

Easy Prospecting in Kenshi What this does is allow you to set up shop anywhere you want without the need to worry about resource placement. Essentially, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about the values in determining your success. It’s basically easy mode.

Is Kenshi worth it Reddit?

Check out the kenshi letsplay on YouTube by this dude named tobel. It helped me learn the game and got me even more into it. Otherwise yes it’s absolutely worth it. The over 200 hours I’ve played it since getting it start of the month would make me say yes, so yes.

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