Readers ask: How To Play Graves Jungle?

Is graves good right now?

Is Graves Good Right Now? Ranking as the #12 Best Pick In the Jungle role for patch 11.9, placing it within our A-Tier Rank. A good pick for ranking up in solo queue, concerning difficulty, this is a moderately diffcult to play champion for new players in league of legends.

Does Graves start blue or red?

A favorite path of mine to run with Graves in the jungle is to start at red / blue depending if you are on bot/top team respectively and from there move to wolves and then the second jungle buff. From here you can choose to gank, grab scuddle and recall, or go for an invade.

Is Graves a good Jungler?

Although his Q may do slightly less damage, his overall tankiness, combined with his ability to output damage throughout long team fights, allows Graves to be one of the best junglers in the game at the moment. After the Patch 10.11 nerf, Graves ‘ win rate decreased to 51.03%.

Why is graves so popular?

Graves has awesome clear speed, high health clears, late game damage, and strong jungle skirmishes with his passive armor. He got a bunch of base stat buffs for some reason that made him statcheck win most early game fights while being a good scaling jungler still.

Is graves good low ELO?

The power of graves ‘ gank goes into a quick and powerful burst he has only one soft CC. He has an outstanding jungle clear, but too often in low elo, there is so much fights and most junglers are so obsessed on ganking that their jungle is often full and just cleared once in a while.

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How do I get better at graves?

Graves is currently the best jungle champion in League of Legends. Here are ten tips to help you become a better Graves player.

  1. You Do More Damage the Closer You Are to the Target.
  2. Use Walls to Your Advantage.
  3. Master His Key Combo.
  4. Keep Your True Grit Up.
  5. Master the Auto Reset.
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