Readers ask: How To Play Bf1?

Are battlefield 1 servers dead?

2 or 3 full Operations severs, and a handful of lesser populated CQ or TDM servers. The game is very much not dead.

What is the best gun in bf1?

Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide

  • CSRG SMG – A fairly light submachine-gun with a high rate of fire.
  • CSRG SMG Optical – The same weapon, except with the addition of a scope.
  • BSA Howell – A semi automatic assault rifle with a bayonet.
  • BSA Howell Marksman – The semi automatic rifle featured with a marksman scope.

Does Battlefield 1 have multiplayer?

Multiplayer modes. Battlefield 1 ‘s multiplayer modes feature a number of game types seen in previous entries in the franchise, as well as new modes; Teams capture objectives across the map, earning points based on the number of objectives they hold.

Can you play Battlefield 1 without Xbox Live?

Do I Need Xbox Live Gold To Play Battlefield One? Nope, you need Xbox Live Gold to be able to play the Multiplayer in Battlefield 1.

Is BF1 better than bf5?

In terms of gunplay BFV is better. But BF1 is better in almost every other way. If you are to ask me I’d tell you BFV is the better game despite me having spent more time in BF1 and I’ll tell you why. Also DICE if you stalk this sub at all, number 5 has something that may be useful to you.

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Is Battlefield 1 or 5 better?

But if you’re looking for a World War 2-themed game, then Battlefield V should be the one for you. It picks up right what Battlefield 1 left off. All Battlefield V war story campaigns are set between 1940 to 1945, the last, most crucial five years of World War 2, including the infamous Normandy landings (the D-Day).

Is BF1 dead on Xbox?

No the game isn’t dead you just gotta find the right modes. Operations and conquest are the most played modes. I’m playing it right now, it’s definitely not dead except Frontlines.

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