Quick Answer: How To Play White Elephant Game?

How do you make white elephant fun?

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your White Elephant Party

  1. Pick a gift theme. One excellent way to spice things up is to have people bring gifts that fit a particular theme.
  2. Employ different game rules. There are roughly a zillion different ways to play White Elephant.
  3. Hold an ugly sweater contest.
  4. Rent a karaoke machine.
  5. Break out the Christmas games.

How do you do a virtual white elephant gift exchange?

How To Host A Virtual White Elephant Exchange

  1. Choose a date and time that will work for your party guests.
  2. Make a guest list and invite guests to join you via Zoom or Google Meet, at the specified time.
  3. Let your guests know they should each purchase a White Elephant gift, wrap it, and have it in view for the meet up.

How do you win white elephant?

Use Game Theory to ” Win ” a White Elephant Gift Exchange

  1. As each gift is opened, mentally assign it a value (perhaps a dollar value or a 1-to-5 ranking);
  2. When it’s your turn, average the value of all the opened gifts (whether or not they’re available for stealing);
  3. If there is a stealable gift “worth” at least as much as the average, steal it! Otherwise, open a gift.
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How does White Elephant game end?

After all players have had a turn, the first player gets a chance to swap the gift he or she is holding for any other opened gift. Anyone whose gift is stolen may steal from someone else (as long as that person hasn’t been stolen from yet). When someone declines to steal a gift, the game comes to an end.

How many times can you steal in white elephant?

Does the game have any limits? White elephant can go on and on, so it’s best to have some sort of limits—a present can only be “stolen” three times, for example, or a person can only have something stolen from them a maximum of three times.

What is a good $20 white elephant gift?

20 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20

  • NapSack. To be clear, the NapSack isn’t a real product.
  • People of Walmart Calendar. If you’re going to bring a calendar to a gift exchange, you better make it a good one.
  • Toilet Bowl Mug.
  • Moose Mug.
  • Muffin Top Baking Cups.
  • Pick Your Nose Cups.
  • “A Christmas Story” Mug.
  • High Heel Tape Dispenser.

What are the best white elephant gifts?

We also have a ton more gag gift ideas and novelty gifts that would be great for our White Elephant Party.

  • Waterproof Case Phone Case.
  • Giant Kale Growing Kit.
  • Woodford Reserve Bitters.
  • Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers.
  • Magnetic Poetry.
  • Hot Sauce Trinity.
  • Fortune Baking Cups.
  • Wine Lives Corkscrew.

How do you do a virtual gift exchange?

The easiest way to draw names for a virtual gift exchange is to use an online Secret Santa generator like Giftster or Elfster. These sites manage sign-ups, collect gift suggestions, generate pairings, and email assigned names to participants.

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Why is it called white elephant?

The term white elephant refers to an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of. The phrase is said to come from the historic practice of the King of Siam (now Thailand) giving rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, so that they might be ruined by the animals’ upkeep costs.

How do you play Yankee Swap?

In Yankee Swap, each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift and places it in a designated area. Guests are given numbers as they arrive, or their names are randomly drawn, and they select and unwrap gifts from the pile in that order — with a twist.

How long is white elephant?

Recipe: The Dice Game If you get doubles, select a white elephant gift. Go until all gifts are unwrapped. Everyone gets a turn hyping their gift like a professional infomercial pitchman. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Are white elephant gifts supposed to be used?

No, a White Elephant gift should be something useless laying around the house – the shabbier, the better. Before you start ransacking your basement for something to bring to the upcoming gift swap, you should pause to consider whether used items are welcome.

What is the difference between white elephant and dirty Santa?

– ‘ Dirty Santa ‘ is more to the Southern states, Today, as the terms evolve, their minor difference lies in that the term “ white elephant gift” is more focused on the gift or present itself. White Elephant gifts are usually impractical gag gifts or gifts from home that just meant to bring laughter to the party.

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What is the difference between white elephant and Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is when members of a group receive random assignments to give a gift to. In some cases players make a small list of ideas for what to get them. The identity of the gift giver remains anonymous until the receiver opens the gift. White Elephant has players put an unmarked wrapped gift in a designated area.

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