Quick Answer: How To Play The Erhu?

Is erhu difficult to learn?

Ryan Teo, Played Erhu for 8 years, Zhonghu for 6. Like most things, it will be easy to learn. But hard to master. Given that you have some prior music background, the music theory that you’ll have will definitely help you to better understand and thus learn the instrument.

How do you play erhu?

While the erhu has been called the “Chinese violin,” it differs from the western instrument in many ways. First, it is played vertically, often resting on the musician’s lap. It has no fingerboard, so the player’s fingers must hold and vibrate the strings by pressing only against the strings themselves.

Is erhu harder than violin?

“The development of modern erhu has benefited from the techniques of violin playing but erhu is a more difficult to control than the violin,” says Xing, who taught violin maestro Itzak Perlman to try to play the “Chinese violin ” in 2002 at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

How tight should erhu bow be?

I personally feel that the tension in Erhu bows should be loose to the extent that the bow hairs form an angle with the strings when it is resting against them. The bamboo should be resting on the sloping side of the resonator.

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What’s the most difficult instrument to play?

The violin often tops lists of the most difficult instruments to play. Why is the violin so difficult to play? It’s a small instrument with strings that are played with a bow. To play the violin correctly, you have to hold it in the right position while maintaining good posture.

How much does a good erhu cost?

A good price is around 200–400USD, but honestly, a good number of the better instruments I’ve played can cost less than that. Price is not a good gauge when determining the quality of the instrument, at least for the erhu.

Who is the best erhu player?

Erhu Artists

  • Lei Qiang. 33,510 listeners. Lei Qiang (雷强) is a master player of the erhu.
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  • Jia Peng Fang. 30,812 listeners.
  • 贾鹏芳 1,166 listeners.
  • Alan. 53,632 listeners.
  • Min Huifen. 6,314 listeners.
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  • Song Fei. 1,049 listeners.

Is erhu a Chordophone?

The erhu is a bowed spike-lute chordophone of the Han Chinese (‘er’ means two; ‘hu’ originally meant ‘barbarian,’ but now ‘fiddle’).

What family is the erhu in?

Erhu is a kind of violin (fiddle) with two strings which, together with zhonghu, gaohu, sihu, etc, belongs to the “huqin” family. It is said that its origin would be dated up to the Tang dynasty (618-907) and related to the instrument, called xiqin originated from a Mongolian tribe Xi.

Is erhu similar to violin?

Erhu is a traditional chinese instrument the violin is western. Compared to the Erhu, the violin has more strings to it therefore making a sharper tone and Erhu is more slim in comparison. Also, an Erhu needs to be played sitting down, settling its bottom on the players thighs while a violin can be played standing up.

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How do I tune my erhu?

The Erhu is almost always tuned to the interval of a fifth. The inside string (nearest to player) is generally tuned to D4 and the outside string to A4. This is the same as the two middle strings of the violin.

How do I put the bow on my erhu?

How to Take Apart Your Erhu (And Put it Back Again)

  1. Remove the bow. Turn the screw at the end of the bow until the frog is detached.
  2. Remove the strings.
  3. Remove the pegs.
  4. Remove the neck from the resonator.
  5. Attach the neck to the resonator.
  6. Re-attach the pegs & strings.
  7. Fix the bow.

How do you hold the erhu bow?

The specific method of holding the bow is to use the thumb and index finger of the right hand to hold the bow. The middle finger and the ring finger are inserted between the bow and the bow hair from below the bow.

How do I tighten my erhu bow?

The first thing you need to do is to take out your bow. In case your steady hand goes on holiday, at least your erhu will still be intact. Now hold the bow horizontally using one hand and hold the lighter a fair distance beneath it. Ignite the lighter and slowly, slowly and slowly (did i mention slowly?)

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