Quick Answer: How To Play Sweet Child O Mine Solo?

Is Sweet Child of Mine hard to solo?

No matter what most people tell you, that solo is very hard if you want to execute it like Slash does. Remember that the harder it is, lesser people will do it correctly, more your sense of satisfaction on finally finishing it.

How long is Sweet Child O Mine Solo?

If you are a complete beginner, it is gonna take about 1.5 years atleast with regular practice. If you are a little expert (sort of), you can play it in less than 2 days given that you have the tabs.

What guitar does slash use in Sweet Child O Mine?

Guns N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine. With a slight crunch on a Gibson/Epiphone guitar, you’ll be able to feel like the man himself while playing his most famous set of notes.

What key is Sweet Child of Mine solo in?

For this solo we are very much in the key of E minor, and we are using the E minor scale, the E minor pentatonic scale and the E harmonic minor scale in a few positions on the neck.

Who composed Sweet Child O Mine?

Sweet Child o’ Mine

” Sweet Child o ‘ Mine “
Label Geffen
Songwriter(s) Guns N’ Roses
Producer(s) Mike Clink
Guns N’ Roses singles chronology
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Is Sweet Child O Mine a beginner song?

In this lesson we show you how to play “ Sweet Child Of Mine ” by Guns N’ Roses which is a great project for beginners and a must-know for intermediate and advanced players (never know when you might have to bust it out!).

Is Sweet Child of Mine played with a pick?

You can definitely pick it how you want but slash does not alternate pick it.

Does slash use a pick?

Slash has been a Dunlop artist for many years, using our picks, MXR® pedals, and Cry Baby® Wahs. “I’ve been using Tortex® Picks for over 25 years,” he said. “No other picks compare.” About his Cry Baby Wah, Slash said, “It’s just one of the great guitar effects of all time.

How does slash hold his pick?

SLASH’s pick is held between his index finger and thumb, and he sometimes plucks strings with his free fingers. SLASH also likes to use feedback to sustain notes on solos and intros.

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