Quick Answer: How To Play Sunless Sea?

How do you get good at sunless sea?

Recommendations: Saving Echo

  1. Try and make all your Fuel and Supplies purchases in Fallen London if possible.
  2. Try to plan your routes ahead of time.
  3. Earn as much.
  4. Unless your terror is 55 or higher, run with your lights off to save.
  5. Try to keep your total Crew at 75-80% capacity rather than 100%.

How do you shoot in sunless sea?

The only way you can fire at something is if it’s in your arc. And the only way you can add arcs is to add guns.

Do I need to play sunless sea before sunless skies?

Sunless Sea is a great game on its own right, but it’s got a reputation of being “grindy,” in the sense that it requires the player to invest time before it gradually reveals little bits of plot. Its main plot angles won’t be spoiled (though they may feel a bit redundant).

How do you repair your ship in sunless sea?

You can repair your Hull in a few places, including:

  1. At the Drydock in London, with several fee and effectiveness options.
  2. At zee by consuming Supplies, if your Hull is above 50%.
  3. If you side with the rats at Pigmote Isle, they will fully repair for an Echo fee that depends on their Pigmote Isle: Civilization status.
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Can you turn off Permadeath in sunless sea?

Save yourself! ( Doing this activates ‘Merciful Mode’, which disables permadeath, so when you die it’s not a complete ordeal of having to start over again from scratch.

What is a Flensing attack?

Flensing weapons are specialized weaponry designed to rip and tear the flesh of zee-beasts (as well as their scales, shells, hide, chitin, spines, ichorous membranes, wings, etc.) They do more damage to beasts than to the hulls of ships, and are better at killing enemy Crew than staggering enemies.

Which is better sunless sea or sunless skies?

The sky -locomotive chugs along a little faster than the ships of the Underzee. Sunless Sea had an oppressive air to it, which was appropriate, considering the setting and tone. Sunless Skies is far more inviting: The game offers me a hand and is far better about allowing me to navigate the UI and find my bearings.

What happens when you die in sunless skies?

Unforgiving, as its title may imply, isn’t too kind to players. The game autosaves when you dock, and if you die, you restart the game from scratch. If you manually save during an Unforgiving game, you are switched to Merciful mode, where you can freely save and reload to revive lost captains.

How do you make money in sunless sea?

As such, there are also plenty of ways to earn your echoes in Sunless Sea.

  1. Starting in Fallen London, load up on as much Mushroom Wine as you can carry after allowing for fuel and run it south to Port Carnelian.
  2. Sail east to The Chelonate and sell off your Sapphires.
  3. Go to Polythreme and sell off the Stygian Ivory.
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Where is Mt Palmerston in sunless sea?

Mount Palmerston is one of the most remote locations in Sunless Sea at the moment. Located a more-or-less straight northeast jaunt from Fallen London, it will take several minutes of uninterrupted travel to get there – and if you partake of this little side story, you’ll have to make the trip several times.

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