Quick Answer: How To Play Samuro?

How do you use Samuro illusion master?

Using Illusion Master will refresh image HP to match that of the real Samuro and trade action queues.

  1. Whenever you Mirror Image, first thing send one to a random safe location and use him like you would Gul’dan’s demonic circle.
  2. Next stage is while main Samuro is safe, keep both your images alive.

How do you counter Samuro?

An actual hard counter would be someone like Arthas, Muradin or Xul. All of them have strong attack speed slow, which eats away Samuro’s DPS. They also deal reasonable damage and have area attacks, which takes advantage of Samuro having no health sustain and using invisibility for escape.

Who counters Sonya?

Heroes that counter teams with Sonya

Hero Matches Win %
Thrall 5 40%
Valla 3 33%
Xul 4 25%
Li-Ming 4 25%


Who beats Sonya 1v1?

Rexxar beats Sonya, I’d say it’s about a 60-40 in Rexxar’s favor.

How do you counter Tychus?

Tychus does exceptionally high sustained damage with high-Cooldown Abilities. This can be countered by Heroes who can move themselves and their allies out of range of Tychus until his Abilities are on Cooldown. Interrupting or Blinding Tychus is also a great way to control his damage output.

What beats Sonya in lane?

Rexxar and Leoric are probably the best match to Sonya for specifically the Braxis solo lane. Malthael would be close, I’m not sure while hero sustains better outside of lane. With Gul’dan or other ranged heroes, you have to push the waves and continually put damage on Sonya.

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Who counters imperius?

Heroes that counter teams with Imperius

Hero Matches Win %
Fenix 11 90%
Anub’arak 27 74%
Uther 7 71%
Kael’thas 7 71%


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