Quick Answer: How To Play Ezreal?

Is ezreal good for beginners?

Ezreal is beginner friendly, although mastering him is quite hard. And he’s not your typical ADC, so you shouldn’t play him if you are playing to learn how to play ADC. Tristana, Jinx, Ashe and Sivir are great at learning the role imo.

Why is ezreal so difficult?

Ezreal needs to weave autos for dps and to do that, he needs very good positioning which new players don’t have. In short, his skill cap is so high that it is not worth it for new players to play him since they will not be getting what they need to get from him as a champion.

How do I get good at ezreal?


  1. Use. Arcane Shift to help line up your other skill shots.
  2. You can play Ezreal either as Attack Damage carry or Ability Power carry depending on how you build him.
  3. You can line up. Trueshot Barrage to hit multiple minion waves or even Monsters.

How do you win ezreal?

  1. Choose a counter pick. Ezreal struggles against champions with burst, a strong early game or strong all-in.
  2. Avoid using hook champions.
  3. Stand behind minions at all times.
  4. Ping once Ezreal hits level 6.
  5. Abuse his weak early game.
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Is ezreal good lol?

YES! he is the safest AD in the game and one of the easiest to understand at a basic level. He’s been a main of mine since season 2.

Is Caitlyn good for beginners?

Caitlyn can be played aggressively or passively, depending on your style, however, she is a much better aggressive ADC than a passive one, in MOST situations. During and after laning phase, Caitlyn is the BEST objective taker, compared to other ADCs. The sooner you get your turret, the better.

Does ezreal fall off?

Ezreal doesn’t fall off late game naturally. He falls off late game because people build him that way. He wont out damage any carry early game, midgame or late game.

Who is best with ezreal?

I’d recommend Bard, Pyke, Alistar, Nami, Senna, and Sona. Yummi Ezreal is meta, you both basically never die and carry late game. Braum is pretty strong with Ezreal. You can proc his passive really easily because ezreal q provides one passive stack aswell and this way you can get ahead in lane.

How do you hit ezreal Q?

There’s no really ways to hit q. It comes with practice and knowledge. Play him as much as possible and dont get mad when you miss q’s. If you find it hard to hit skillshots in general, maybe try changing your mouse sensivity.

Is ezreal good for climbing?

You can climb on any champ. Ezreal has a lot of strengths (safety, fits any team, etc), but you need to play him well to carry – he isnt an easy champ. Ezreal is an extremely safe champion, with his long range and a flash on his E.

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How do you level up ezreal?

The idea behind the deck’s game plan is simple – stall the board using removal and frostbite effects, level up Ezreal by targeting enemy units 8 times and then close out the game by repeatedly triggering champion’s ability for direct Nexus damage.

What Lane is ezreal?

Ezreal Build 11.9 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Bottom Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 48.63% (Bad), Pick Rate of 12.97% (High), and a Ban Rate of 1.4% (Medium).

Does crit work on ezreal?

It cannot crit, thankfully.

Does ezreal Q Proc PtA?

This means that ezreal benefits from having a hard-hitting Q, while quickly shooting out auto-attacks that apply on-hit effects. On-hit synergizes with PtA since the attack speed from on hit items lets ezreal proc PtA faster, and subsequently increase his on-hit damage and autoattacks. When to build tear.

Does AP ezreal still work?

He really is. I’ve mained mid AP Ezreal Gold-Plat for years now and since the rework I’ve tried him multiple ways and builds The truth is you just fall off and overall don’t do nearly as much damage anywhere in the game except maybe first 10 minutes with the homing W E.

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