Quick Answer: How To Play Bellona?

How do you fight Bellona?

Any god who has a hard CC will counter Bellona in lane quite easily and shut her down. Mez, Stun, Silence etc. Anything that stops her hammer which is her only real wave clear. Outside of Lane, Midgardian Mail, Ichaival and Witchblade all counter Bellona quite well.

What is Bellona in smite?

Bellona summons a scourge, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. Enemies hit are Disarmed, and cannot make Basic Attacks. Bellona now makes Basic Attacks with a scourge until she has not taken or dealt damage in the last 7s. Basic Attacks have extended range (+4) and every third attack heals Bellona.

Is Bellona good smite?

Honestly Bellona is the poster child for balanced characters. She’s not OP, not underwhelming, but still good. She’s especially ideal into enemy teams that are heavily auto attack focused, due to her disarm and her block stacks. Plus, she just got a nice buff to her ult like a patch or two ago.

What should I buy for Bellona?

  • Death’s Embrace. +65. Physical Power. +110. Health.
  • Ninja Tabi. +20. Physical Power. Mana. Attack Speed.
  • Manikin Mace. +50. Basic Attack Damage. Health. Physical Protection.
  • Warrior Tabi. +40. Physical Power. Mana.
  • Protector of the Jungle. +55. Physical Power. Physical Protection. Attack Speed.
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How do you counter Bellona solo?

stop the bludgeon, you stop her main clear and hardest hit. if you’re basic attack based, try not to get hit by scourge and try not to get hit by her basics in her shield stance, as they provide blocks. If you’re an ability based hunter or a mage she’s easier to deal with imo.

How do you counter Tyr in smite?

First off, Tyr is a pretty solid counter to Bellona. You can pick her into Tyr if you want, but he should bully you every time you try to bludgeon the wave. Anyone who can be immune to knockups, has sustain, or has cripples are good counters to Tyr.

Who was Bellona?

Bellona, original name Duellona, in Roman religion, goddess of war, identified with the Greek Enyo. Sometimes known as the sister or wife of Mars, she has also been identified with his female cult partner Nerio.

Is Bellona a tank?

No, just no. This isn’t a tank /damage build, this is a go out there and do nothing build unless you get to late game and there’s a good chance you won’t.

How do you get Bellona skin?

rest of your life. Specifically there is a random chance while watching official events on official channels of getting the chest that has a small chance of dropping the skin.

How do you get the Bellona Divine Dragon Skin?

Unlock 9 exclusive items from each Pantheon chest to unlock that Pantheon’s exclusive skin. Unlocking all 27 Items before the end of the event will grant you the limited Bellona Divine Dragon skin. Items can also be directly purchased for a higher price in the skin store or bundle store.

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