Quick Answer: How To Play Bejewled?

How do I get good at Bejeweled?

Bejeweled Blitz: Top 8 tips, hints, and cheats to get your highest scores ever!

  1. Four gem in a row combos – save ’em up!
  2. Multipliers and speed bonuses are super key to a super high score.
  3. Choose your boosts carefully.
  4. Make sure you cash out your daily spins.
  5. Collect coins in-game.
  6. Special items and rare gems.

What causes game over in Bejeweled?

Every move has to make a match of three or more gems. Clear gems to advance the bar at the bottom of the board for it to reach the other end and level up. Each level higher means you need more matches to advance. When you run out of possible matches, the game is over.

Is bejeweled free?

Bejeweled is a fun time wasting game that quickly made me glued. It’s a FREE game with all but one of the modes!

How do you play Microsoft jewel games?

Drag, click, or tap a jewel to move it vertically or horizontally in the direction to complete a match. To earn the most points, fill up the color meters to complete each level and add score multipliers to your next board. The game ends when you run out of moves.

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What are the Emojis for in Bejeweled stars?

So we’ve created a system called Charms, which are basically Bejeweled Stars emoji, which you can use to express yourself. You might put some emoji together to tell stories about what you’re doing. You might display a rare emoji that you got because you completed an achievement.

What are diamonds for in Bejeweled Blitz?

Diamonds upgrade higher level Boosts. Get them as a reward from Chests or by upgrading Boosts at the beginning of the game.

What was the first Bejeweled game?

Bejeweled was released initially for browsers in 2001, followed by seven sequels: Bejeweled 2 (2004), Bejeweled Twist (2008), Bejeweled Blitz (2009), Bejeweled 3 (2010), Bejeweled Legend (2012, in Japan only) Bejeweled Stars (2016), and Bejeweled Champions (2020) all by PopCap Games and its parent, Electronic Arts.

What type of game genre best describes Bejeweled?

Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle video game by PopCap Games, developed for browsers in 2001. The goal is to clear gems of the same color, potentially causing a chain reaction.

Release May 30, 2001
Genre (s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player


Will Bejeweled 3 work on Windows 10?

Yes, Bejeweled 3 is a Windows game that’ ll work without any trouble on Windows 10 computers.

Is bejeweled a word?

be·jew·eled adj. Decorated with or as if with jewels.

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