Question: Touken Ranbu How To Play?

Is Touken Ranbu Otome?

Touken Ranbu is a game by DMM & Nitroplus, the players will play as a saniwa or sage that has the ability to make historical japanese swords come to life to stop the time retrogade army who wants to change the history of japan.

Is Touken Ranbu a Gacha game?

Touken Ranbu is a turn-based gacha game developed by DMM Games and Nitro+.

Is Touken Ranbu a mobile game?

Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞, Tōken Ranbu, lit. “Wild Dance of Swords”) is a free-to-play collectible card browser video game developed by Nitroplus and DMM Games.

Touken Ranbu
Director(s) Saiji Yakumo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release JP: 14 January 2015 WW: 27 April 2021
Genre(s) Online web browser game

How many swords are in Touken Ranbu?

There are currently 8 different types of swords in the game. Each type of sword varies in power, speed, and range.

Can you play Touken Ranbu in English?

Swordboys will soon be available in English, just like shipgirls. On February 23, 2021, Johren will offer the Touken Ranbu Online English version of the game. The browser-based game will be free-to- play.

What does Ranbu mean in Japanese?

riot, war, disorder, disturb.

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What is Saniwa?

Saniwa is an extinct genus of varanid lizard that lived about 48 million years ago during the Eocene epoch. It is a close relative of Varanus, the genus that includes monitor lizards.

Is there any girl in Touken Ranbu?

Despite being highly feminine and wearing a dress as his combat clothing, Midare is actually a boy. For future reference, all Touken Ranbu characters are exclusively male, hence the term touken danshi (“sword men”) encompassing them all.

Who is the main character of Touken Ranbu?

The list of cast is arranged in order of sword arrivals in the Hanamaru Citadel (except main character, Yamatonokami Yasusada ).

How old is mikazuki Munechika?

Age: Over 1000 years old. Physically, he appears to be in his early 20s.

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