Question: How To Play Zyra Support?

What roles can ZYRA play?


Role Popularity Winrate
Support 93.0% 50.3%
Mid 4.7% 46.5%
AD Carry 1.5% 50.6%
Jungler 0.5% 45.5%


How do you play support?

Tips and Tricks in Playing Support

  1. Always ward the river.
  2. Counter dragon wards with pink wards.
  3. Ward the enemy wraith camp at the start of the game.
  4. Do not take free damage in lane.
  5. Buy an early oracles to counter enemy wards.
  6. Stack gold per 5 items.
  7. Run defensive runes and masteries to help your durability in lane.

Why is ZYRA not played?

I’d say the main reason why she’s rarely played mid is that she is (and has been designed to be) much better in the support role. Her core items, mostly magic pen, don’t require a large amount of gold to buy. She can do a lot of damage with just a few small items, namely sorc boots and haunting guise.

What does ZYRA mean?

2 submissions from Singapore and Philippines agree the name Zyra means “Gift of God” and is of Spanish origin. According to a user from Philippines, the name Zyra is of Filipino (Philippines) origin and means “understanding, considerate, and loved by God”.

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Can ZYRA go top?

Zyra is very susceptible to ganks even in mid, and top is even worse for that (because it’s a longer lane and Zyra is more likely to push against a top laner).

Is ZYRA a mid or support?

Zyra can get really scary by getting ability power, magic penetration and cooldown reduction. As a support, cooldown reduction and team auras allow her to make an impact during fights by controlling her enemies and helping her allies. Zyra as all of her spells and plants benefit from the slow.

Can you control Zyra plants?

You can ‘t control them. It’s mostly random with a few preferences. It tends to spawn towards enemy champions more often, and regularly into brushes.

Is support a hard role?

Supports are somewhat special. They can be mechanically difficult (thresh/bard) but they’re mostly about knowing when and where to ward, when to roam and keeping an eye on general macro across the map as they don’t have to focus that much on their lane.

Is support an easy role?

Support has a lower skill floor and doesn’t really have a higher skill ceiling than other roles. Easiest to play, yes. Like many people have mentioned support is the simplest to start playing (low skill floor) but difficult to master.

How do you play support for beginners?

How to Play Support: Early Game

  1. Green means your ADC is doing great.
  2. As the lane is frozen on blue side, Red bottom lane have a hard time escaping even without ganks.
  3. Roaming as a support can net you kills at any time.
  4. By playing aggressively, Blitzcrank creates opportunities for his team.
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Is ZYRA a mid?

Zyra is a supportive mage who can play mid lane but can also support. She is very strong and he Stranglethorns does a ton of damage combined with her Grasping Roots.

Who goes well with ZYRA?


  • Aphelios.
  • Gwen.
  • Lillia.
  • Rell.
  • Samira.
  • Senna.
  • Seraphine.
  • Sett.

Is ZYRA a support?

Support Zyra has a big advantage in that she can stack up seeds in the lane and use them as a zoning tool, like saying ‘don’t engage in me or I’ll spawn 5 plants’. It also provides safety from ganks and is the reason why good Zyras have 2v3 potential.

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