Question: How To Play Zombicide?

What Zombicide should I start with?

I would recommend starting at the beginning with the first core set – Zombicide. Then, if you like the game system, you can pick up the expansions as needed. I wouldn’t advise waiting for a year or more for a kickstarter. The game is fun!

How long does it take to play Zombicide?


Zombicide logo
Designer(s) Raphaël Guiton Jean-Baptiste Lullien Nicolas Raoult
Players 1 to 6
Setup time approx. 5 minutes
Playing time A game lasts for 20 minutes (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).


How do cars work in Zombicide?

A car attacks all Actors in the Zones through which it moves (see Combat – Car Attack, page 17). When the Survivor in the driver’s seat spends an Action to move a car, it runs over every Actor in the Zone it starts in and each Zone it enters. The driver gains all the experience points from the killed Zombies.

Is Zombicide a good board game?

Zombicide does the best job I’ve seen of replicating that experience on your tabletop. The player cards will house a players XP, items and special abilities. The combat is Zombicide can either be really frustrating or extremely satisfying. Players will start out with one weapon or even just a frying pan.

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Is Zombicide out of print?

Zombicide publisher CMON has released out-of-print sci-fi co-op board game XenoShyft as a print -and-play game that you can download and play at home for free.

What does Zombicide mean?

Zombicide is a cooperative game where players face hordes of Zombies controlled by the game itself. Each player con- trols one, two, three, or four Survivors of a Zombie infection. Survivors use whatever they can get their hands on to kill Zombies.

How many lives do you have in Zombicide?

A Zombicide game usually features 6 Survivors, distributed in any way you see fit among players. We recommend new players join the game with a single Survivor to get a quick grasp on the game mechanics.

When did Zombicide black plague come out?

Starting as a Kickstarter campaign and eventually launched in 2015, Zombicide: Black Plague is a stand-alone game which brings Survivors attempting to save the medieval world from a zombie apocalypse. Survivors face zombies using swords, bows and magic.

Which Zombicide is the best?

In conclusion: For modern setting I think Season 3 has the best Modern rule set, benefiting from 3-4 years of play and refinement. I recommend Season 3 or Season 1 first. Fantasy also has an updated rule-set with tweaks that make this edition our favorite.

How good is Zombicide?

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best board games ever I’m not usually a fan of board games, but Zombicide converted me! This game is a blast! You can learn how to play in minutes and be well on your way to killing zombies right out of the box.

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Is Zombicide coop?

Zombicide is a co-op board game that has players take on the roles of survivors. Each survivor has a different set of skills that can be used to defeat the the zombies.

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