Question: How To Play Yuumi?

How do you play Yuumi?

Focus on getting farm out of the lane, which often requires you have high hp for when the wave reaches your turret. Remember that Yuumi can join in on your Teleport. When you see you have Yummy just instalock Sivir, farm a ton, don’t die, press R and let her and your team do the rest.

How can I be good Yuumi?

Here are the top 5 in-game tips for improving your Yuumi gameplay:

  1. Avoid staying permanently attached to your Anchor (ADC/allies)
  2. Never roam or return to lane by yourself.
  3. Use your unmatched utility to your advantage.
  4. Use Final Chapter as an engage rather than a reaction.

How do you play Yuumi in lane?

She needs to poke with q to win lane, so try to stand near the enemy bot (but you don’t have to get dangerously close, it has fairly long range). And make sure to walk up when yuumi uses q if you can because the range is centered on you while she’s attached to you.

How do you attach with Yuumi?

Active: Yuumi starts with a point in her W. She dashes to an ally champion and attaches to them. While Attached, she follows her partner’s movement and is untargetable by everything except tower damage.

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Is Yuumi good lol?

Yuumi is one of the easiest champions to pick up in League of Legends, but not necessarily the easiest champion to have success with in the game. In fact, only players that truly understand this champion can make impactful contributions over the long term. It’s a common belief that Yuumi is a “braindead” champion.

Is Yuumi a good support?

If you look at Yuumi’s depth of play, you can see there’s consistently a large group of players who engage deeply, even when she’s objectively quite weak. When she has a reasonable win rate for most players, Yuumi is also one of our most broadly played supports.

Who is best with Yuumi?

Yuumi’s Best Pairings

  • Meeting the Magical Cat. As her kit stands now, Yuumi provides nearly everything one could ask for in an enchanter support.
  • Ezreal – The Safe Poke Lane. Ezreal is often a fairly strong champion, due to the strong poke from his Mystic Shot (Q) and mobility from Phase Shift (E).
  • Kai’Sa – The All-In Lane.

How do you get S rank Yuumi?

[9.20]Gold Yuumi / How to get S

  1. Steal kills.
  2. Solo kill under own turret using ult.
  3. Get S and next game don’t steal kills.

Can Yuumi use items while attached?

While Attached, Yuumi is disarmed, untargetable – except from turrets – and follows her ally’s movement, while retaining the ability to cast abilities and items.

Does Yuumi go with Teleport?

allows Yuumi to ride along with teammates as they teleport. The benefits of this are obvious, and are a key part of making Yuumi work.

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Is Yuumi good season 11?

Yuumi Build 11.9 ranks as an S-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 49.36% (Bad), Pick Rate of 6.92% (High), and a Ban Rate of 3.27% (High).

How does Yuumi’s passive work?

Passively, Yuumi increases her ally’s Adaptive Force and her own. Actively, Yuumi dashes to a target ally, becoming untargetable from everything except turrets.

What does Yuumi’s W do?

Yuumi fires a missile that deals magic damage to the first enemy target hit. If the missile travels long enough, it deals bonus damage and slows enemies. When she is Attached to a team-mate, the projectile travels from her ally’s position and can be directed with her mouse. W: You and Me!

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