Question: How To Play Syndra?

Is Syndra good mid?

Is Syndra Good Right Now? Ranking as the #18 Best Pick In the Mid Lane role for patch 11.9, placing it within our E-Tier Rank. A weak pick, likely in need of champion buffs, concerning difficulty, this is a moderately diffcult to play champion for new players in league of legends.

Is Syndra a good champion?

There are a few good reasons. Syndra and Renekton check a lot of boxes, they’re good blind picks, and they’re more or less comfortable champions that anyone can play into nearly any lane matchup, especially pros at the highest level.

Is Syndra support good?

Syndra is such a fun champion to play and, as a support main, I chose to bring her into the bottom lane. She makes the lane a kill lane, with super high damage, great cc, and the ability to push others away. Your q is your main poke, for damage, and it procs spellthief line.

How do you get Syndra combo?

The famous no skill combo uses Q then instantly R. Wait a half second for the orbs to fly out then E, W W instantly after and Q again once it’s off cooldown. This combo will knock back into a stun.

Who counters Syndra?

Syndra Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
FizzTidal Trickster 51.36% 1.48%
MalzaharProphet of the Void 52.63% 0.58%
EkkoBoy Who Shattered Time 50.61% 2.04%
XerathMagus Ascendant 50.7% 0.35%
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Is Syndra easy?

No she is not easy. Some people who don’t understand how difficult she is will try to meme and make it seem like she’s easy (blame the casters at LCS or whatever) but she’s not. This DOESN’T mean she is hard to pick up, just extremely difficult to master.

Does Syndra scale well?

Syndra has good scaling if you can get ahead. If you can’t or go even she is just fine.

Why is Syndra good in pro play?

Syndra is good in pro play because the champs that counter her are dogshit in pro play but are playable to some degree in solo q.

Is Zed bad late game?

zed is not a late game champion by any stretch of imaginations. his scalings are not that high. rengar is awful late game and in team fights.

Is neeko easy?

Neeko is an extremely fun to play trickster mage who can become very annoying for your opponents to deal with. If you get pleasure out of watching others get frustrated, then Neeko is definitely the champion for you. While she does have a relatively low skill floor, her skill ceiling has yet to be seen.

Why is Kassadin good late game?

More mobility than Akali and his isn’t targeted, good damage (some of it aoe), good at surviving (passive, Q shield and ofc ulti can be used to runaway unlike Akali), builds tankier than Akali (a lot of the time at least) and with items like Morellos and the rune presence of mind he can get mad damage and resets in

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