Question: How To Play Smash Up?

How many cards do you start with in smash up?

Each player draws five cards. If you have no minions in your opening hand, show your hand, discard it, and draw a new hand of five cards. You must keep the second hand. You ‘re ready to smash up some bases!

What is a smash up?

1: a collision between vehicles. 2: a complete collapse. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about smashup.

Can you play smash up with more than 4?

If you have enough decks you can play with more than 4, however I would suggest playing bases equal to number of players less one (rather than number of players plus one ). I haven’t played 6 but if I had I may even play a max of 4 bases to keep it moving.

How many players is smash up?

Smash Up can be played with 2-4 players. Follow these steps to set up a game of Smash Up: Each player chooses 2 factions. Set up the base deck.

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Can you play smash up online?

Take the battle online or play against your friends with cross-platform multiplayer. We ‘ve also included a full tutorial if you ‘re not feeling like you ‘re ready to handle just how awesome Smash Up is – we ‘ll help you become more awesome!

What is the best smash up combo?

Zombie/Mythic Horses (my favorite and for a long time unbeatable). Dragons/Dinosaurs (1st one to beat the Z/MH, but not consistently). Pirates/Cyborg Apes (both of the pirate faction combo’s focus’s on building up the first mate to an ungodly strength).

What were we thinking smash up?

What Were We Thinking? is the 11th and most recent Smash Up set. It contains 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens and 4 dividers. Combined with all previous sets, there are 50 (!) factions and 100 bases, which make 1225 possible pairs of factions.

Which smash up expansion is best?

Smash Up: 5 Expansion Boxes That You Have To Buy (& 5 That Aren’t Worth It)

  • 4 Must Have: What Were We Thinking?
  • 5 No Thanks: Munchkin.
  • 6 Must Have: Science Fiction Double Feature.
  • 7 No Thanks: Pretty Pretty.
  • 8 Must Have: Big in Japan.
  • 9 No Thanks: Awesome Level 9000.
  • 10 Must-Have: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set.

What smash means?

Definition of smash (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1: to break or crush by violence. 2a: to drive or throw violently especially with a shattering or battering effect also: to effect in this way. b: to hit violently: batter.

What does SD mean in Smash?

A self-destruct (abbreviated as SD ) occurs when a character is KO’d without being hit by an opponent. This usually equates as intentionally (or unintentionally) jumping off the edge oneself, but falls also count as SDs when the stage KOs someone due to a hazard.

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What does DBZ stand for in Smash?

Super Smash Bros. Match Reaches Dragon Ball Z-Level Insanity. Gizmodo. Jalopnik.

What happens when you run out of cards in smash up?

if you run out of cards during your turn, you do not draw extra cards when you are allowed to play an extra action (or minion) and have no cards to play.

What comes in the bigger Geekier box?

This all-new Bigger Geekier Box has four large rows for storing all of your Smash Up cards, lots of foam bricks for stable storage, a closable token holder, and the all-new Smash Up Comprehensive Rulebook!

How do talents work in smash up?

Talents can be used once during your play-minion/action part of the turn, every turn.

  1. Regular minion abilities that only trigger once on the turn they come into play.
  2. Ongoing abilities that are always active as long as they are in play (on a base).
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